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Momoko gives up on LPGA - for now

This will be a blow to some here, but Ms Ueda will be returning to the JLPGA full time in 2014.

Mostly Harmless: Momoko Ueda Announces Departure from LPGA

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It's not like she was ever really committed to the LPGA. She only had LPGA status based on her perfomances at Mizuno so..... Can't say I'm really surprised. Unless you're top 10 every week, it's hard to keep status playing 3/5 time.
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My favourite golfer heads home.

The Divine One had a couple of top three finishes at the end of the season,in Japan,so,hopefully,she can start enjoying her game again.

I'll still be able to follow her fortunes,as these days it's easy to keep up to date with all that's happening on the JLPGA.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that she can qualify for the 2014 WBO.

Good luck,Momo...

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