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Hello from Perth West Aus.

I am a keen observer of Tony's news of the LPGA an the Hua Hin Forum.

Because I am a member of Mellville Glades in Perth and our Pro Richie Smith has been Minjee Lee's coach throughout her Am career I am very keen to see her perform as a Pro.

I predict big things.


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It could be an interesting race for Rookie of the Year.
A bunch of International Pros and some new Pros.

Depends on what HJ Kim does. There are big expectations on her.

Lee is in the conversation, but full touring is different then being a top am, and there are some very experienced pros that are 'Rookies".

It will interesting to see what happens.

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HELLO Ozuncle. Welcome to myLPGA. I hope you're with us for the long run.
Feel free to jump in with your thoughts and/or opinions anytime.
Cheers, Mate.
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