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Keegan vs MAJ: Who ya got?

I admit that I am not so well versed in golf etiquette to know who's place it is to say what in rules decision. So please tell me if I'm wrong with my interpretation of this situation. I thought that Miguel Angel Jimenez would have the right to get clarification on a ruling. I also thought Keegan's caddie mocked MAJ's accent. I didn't catch it in the PGA video but did catch it in the cell phone video. I think that's what prompted MAJ to tell the caddie to shut up. On the one hand, I can see MAJ being ticked at the caddie for even being involved and then pushing things with the fake accent...but at the same time maybe you don't escalate matters by telling him to shut up...even if he should. Then Keegan physically squaring up with MAJ...like he was going to come to blows or at least try to intimidate MAJ. Have players ever had fisticuffs in PGA history? Who was in the right here or at least less in the wrong? I found MAJ's shut up unnecessary but also Keegan's getting up into his face ("squaring off" as we say) a bit boorish. I get that once MAJ tells his caddie to shut up that Keegan felt he needed to stand up for him.

Cell phone video

PGA video
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If Keegan's caddie mocked MAJ's accent like it appears he's doing, then Jimenez not only has the right to tell him to shut up, but also has the right to punch him in the throat. At the same time, this isn't the first time I've seen MAJ criticize a rules official and jump in to a situation where they are talking about drops. MAJ thinks he's smarter than he is, but Keegan's caddie had no right to mock him.
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His caddie was not mocking him. MAJ was completely out of line. He also has not right to tell his caddie to shut up. The caddie and the player are a team. Keegan was completely right to get up in his face.

What is also interesting is that the TV did not get the actual incident, it was a guy with a cell phone. TV got the other part after 18.
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