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Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge

How boring can a tournament be? I tuned in about five minutes after the broadcast began today & it took about 20 minutes for them to show one LPGA player making a shot. I'd have sworn the only contestants were John Daly, Hale Irwin, Craig Stadler, Jay Haas, & Fred Couples. Don't get me wrong....I have no problem whatsoever watching Freddie Couples all day long, BUT I'd like to see the LPGA players get equal time. Hopefully, the LPGA will have a better day tomorrow!
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Stroker, that's pretty typical, if I remember last year's broadcast correctly.
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Hi ya everyone....I have a small question to ask....I am sure there is a logical answer, but I don't know it....here is the question

why is this Tournament on a "Month" delay and why was it so important to do this.....according to Cougar, the tournament was played last November and the results was kept hushed.....I was just wondering about why.....my guess would be that this is the only TV slot time availiable....Yikes!!!.....having to wait a month to show an event delayed is kinda long in my opinion.....anyway....I am just guessing

have a good day....see ya!!
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Wiefan the optimistic MP would say that it's to keep our interest peaked. The pessimistic MP would say it's because they think we're too damned stupid to realize it was a month ago. I wonder which one is right.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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Old 12-28-2005, 10:22 PM   #5
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Wienuts first post!!

:D Hi there!

I've found out about, and just joined this forum. I'm pretty much a Michelle Wie nut.

I belong to several Yahoo Michelle groups, but none are discussion forums like this.

I flew from Charlotte, NC to see MW at Bighorn in Palm Desert last October, and have a few pictures I took of her at the pro-am. I was also there for the four rounds and all the excitement. I followed her every shot, and ran along with Bo, BJ, Leadbetter, Berlin, and the Nike guy trying to keep up with the action. It sucks to be behind the ropes fighting the crowds, when the players walk down the middle of the fairway.

The thing is when you're six feet away from Michelle making shots, you get kind of frozen in place with her skill and beauty (my wife wasn't impressed in fact she was going to kill me).

I'll try to send a few of the pics when I figure out how.

I saw most of the "special events" including the "bee bush" and the DQ incident and also her miracle bogie to birdie on friday when she chipped in for a bird after taking an unplayable lie on a par five.

I had some "Michelle Wie" hats made up and she signed the red one for me during the Pro-am.

I'm happy to share other observations if anyone wants to know!!

Rich James
I'm nuts over Michelle Wie!
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Welcome to this board wienuts! I'm glad you found us out here in cyberland. :D
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Hi ya wienuts....what a GREAT screenname.....1st of all....welcome to this site....there are some terriffic people here that will "fill you to the gills" with wiesy stuff....I know you are going to enjoy your stay.....there are also very knowledgeable people that know an awful lot about the LPGA and other women tour stuff

by the way....are you the "same" wienuts that made that terriffic Wie Casio scorecard site....I remember writing to the administrator of that siteto tell him about how "snazzy" that scorecard was....was that you.....just curious, that's all....no big thing

anyway....my vacation with my grandkids ends today, and my spouse and I will be flying back home to get ready for the New Year

anyway...again, welcome to this site and forum....have a great time....to everyone....have a great day....see ya
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Wiefan and Wienuts...What a combo! As a non-Wie fan I'm going way nuts. :)
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