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US Open 1st Round Observations

Got to the Course late morning.

It was hot. Morning groups finishing Up. Watched tee shots at 16 and finish at 9th green.

Some good morning scoring. -6 Feng.

Went out with the Wie, Pettersen, Lincicome group on the front 9.

Tough walk but not impossible. I felt the ropes on the fairways were a little to far back. Seems like they wanted to protect the rough. Not a big deal though and just nit picking.

Went out the whole front 9. Fairways are wide. Maybe too wide based on the scoring. As I thought the rough around the greens are making for some tough chipping.

Greens look over undulated by design but did not seem to be a big problem. Might just be my own pet peeve. Any way green conditions were perfect, as was the course overall. Rough is not killer but it most certainly is effecting shots. Make sure you have the right club and can hold your direction. A lot of raised greens, some with highly shaved mounds that end in rough on the edges. Flatter greens seem to have more rough around them.

Left after they finished the front nine. I suspected about 1 hour before the rain.

Not sure if the can finish tonight.

Tmr is iffy. I have a 78 mile drive each way, plus NYC traffic. Have to see what the weather is in the morning, how bad is the forcast and when will it rain.
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Got up early to make an evaluation. Seems like a no. Radar + hourly forecast shows there may be openings, it is too far to drive back in the rain only to get rained on and see very little.

Also got an email last night saying they are moving the general parking to Raritan CC. 1st round parking was in a field right next to the course. I think that they anticipate it turning to mud, so that is not a good sign.

Play may make it thru, unless there is lightning. Not going to be fun.
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