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Hole 18
Par 5 539 Yards

A fitting finish to an exciting round of golf. Only the longest drive will be afforded an opportunity to reach this green in two shots. With water guarding the front of the green, it will take a heroic second shot with a fairway wood to land a ball on the putting surface.

Straight tee shot required to avoid water on the left and out of bounds on the left and right. Lay-up shots on the right side of the fairway will move toward the water. Green can be reached with two heroic shots.

Green depth: 36 yards
Green width: 24 yards

MAWL-maximum acceptable wife limit
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Hi ya Mawl....what can I say...ANOTHER terriffic job by you....you are indeed the Most fascinating poster I have ever seen.....way to go MAWL

anyway....the holes really brought back a LOT of memories for me....I think there is one big flaw in the description department....it is the 17th hole....it says downwind on the second shot.....I don't think so....it is a BRUTAL side wind from the top right and whipping to the left.....if you will notice the ocean in the top side of the green....there are NO trees to stop that Ocean right to left monsoon.....on the last round last year.....I thought the flag was going to break as the wind was howling Right to left.....normally, you don't need a jacket in Hawaii....but on that hole, you might want to consider one

anyway.....terriffic stuff Mawl....I would say that you have "outdid" yourself but I have seen your other stuff....which is just as good....anyway....have a great day....see ya!!
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