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I noticed something today about Lorena that does not apply in the least to Morgan.

Lorena's putt on the 18th green, after her competitors had made their putts, was weak and leaked to the right. In other words, not to be unkind but to be accurate, Lorena whiffed that putt! :(

In the same circumstance, Morgan would have either rattled the cup with her putt going into the hole or had a power lip out, but she would have never whiffed the putt! :D
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Hi ya gxer....I also noticed that also.....I thought she was going to putt it with authority right through any breaks instead of cozying it inward....that surprised me a little....but Lorena was putting so well the entire day, I trust that she knew what she wanted to do

by the way...a little on the bet you have with Mr. A.....after watching how Paula and Morgan played this week...I think you have a pretty decent bet for yourself....Morgan, especially, was fearless....she was playing as steady as a rock....so was Paula for that matter....her putting probably kept her out of the final chase....but both girls played very very good smart golf...this week should be interesting as heck as your bet STARTS there

anyway, regardless of how it ended for Lorena this week....she did show that she is a player that can NEVER really be counted out....her comeback after the first round was simply awesome

anyway....have a great day....see ya
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Xer, are you talking about those two round things on her back when she got wet? Those were not magnets...those were birth control patches. :lol: :lol: :lol: I am kidding...I don't know what they were!

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I wouldn't go so far as to say she "whiffed" the putt, but I do think she could have been more aggressive. Still, a great showing.

Morgan showed the determination she has. She missed some greens, but still managed to score well. I see her having a big year.
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I was delighted at the play of Morgan as also Creamer.
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