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Round two...Wiesy less report

Hi ya everyone....I am off in about 15 minutes....from the looks of the Morning scoring so far....something tells me that the pin placements are a little tougher than in the 1st round....it cannot be the weather conditions....the weather is beautiful.....so far.....I just hope my car holds up....it has been sputtering like crazy....oh well, if I don't make it, I will watch it like all of you on the golf channel....I am crossing my fingers and will hope for the best.....I bought tickets for the week, I hate to see my money wasted......anyway....good luck to whoever is your favorite....see ya!!....I will report back, should I actually see the tournament, if at all....see ya!!
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Wiefan - I'm a fan of Minea Blomqvist. I notice she's playing in the same group as Michelle Wie. I know this won't get to you before you are off to watch - but anything you can say about Minea if you watch her I'd appreciate.
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Hi ya everyone....this will be really short....my grandkids came today from Maui to visit.....quality time with my grandkids does win over golf

anyway Waldorf....I think when Minnie writes her blog to the LPGA....she will talk about the wonderful time she had playing with MW and Sakura.....I watch 36 holes of these three and believe me when I tell you....the Crowd cheered for each of them in the same manner as they did MW.....looking a Minnie's facial expression told me that she was having the time of her life.....she made some great shots these last two day and she got rewarded with some of the biggest cheers of all....when she sank that shot out of the Bunker....the roar was louder than when MW made a birdie....the crowd was very very appreciative of ALL three Girls....it was fun to see and cheer....I had a great time.....anyway....it is getting late and sorry if this report is not as detailed as the other one.....god my grandkids are cute....I'm gonna go back and play with them before I go to bed

anyway.....all of you have a terriffic weekend....tomorrow's my last day of viewing live golf until Next year.....but this tournament sure filled up my memory book with a lot of great chapters ....anyway....see ya later
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