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Quantity and/or Quality???

In August, we shall have only two LPGA events, in what should be consided the prime golf season.

A few years ago, there were more tournaments, thus the option for more winners. Today, there are, as we know, fewer tournaments with bigger purses.

The circuit has been cut so that there is *no* Florida swing anymore, that we now have two majors in three weeks (!!), that mainstay tournaments such as the Wegmans in Rochester are left in terrible calendar spots, and that the field in some tournaments is diminished by that schedule (ie the Canadian open).

So, fellow posters, I posit the question;

Did the decision to cut the # of events really pan out? (And yes, I know the point about how much money sponsors are willing to invest in women's sports, ie bang for buck)

What would you like to suggest to the new Commish about future schedules.........

Just wondering
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Interesting point! Well, the way things have been going I'm happy as long as they keep an event in Hawaii. I was disappointed the other year when they cut Ladies Hawaiian Open but am now happy again after adding the SBS Open at Turtle Bay. :D
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Well Pupweiner, this is the kind of stuff boards are made for. For your first post you present some very thought provoking questions.

Although golf has become a passion, I come from the business side of things. And I have to sympathize with the LPGA. They've got a difficult balancing act on their hands.

I'm not the best with statistics but I don't think your point about fewer winners holds water this year. I believe there have been more first time winners this year than most years past. BUT, the likelihood strongly exists. Especially given what we're seeing amongst the rookies and rookies to be.

The qestion reguarding the new commish and her dealing with this is entirely dependent on how the players feel about the situation. And I haven't seen much in print about that.

I'm afraid it's a bit of a wait and see issue.

GREAT post - keep them coming.

anyone else?
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