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Fan Dairy Lotte Round One 2017

Hi ya everyone...I just got up from a Power Nap...I was up Early this morning...anyway...today's group with Wiesy was a GOOD group...all three players in red numbers...but all three players played just HO HUM steady scoring golf...Wiesy got Hot in the beginning then super cooled off...Brooke played just steady golf..tons of pars and a lot of missed chances for birdies...Go"Team Dumbo"" played FUN golf...got into trouble and then made SUPER shots to get out of trouble...I believe this pairing group was just waiting for one of them to break out HOT...all three of them made great shots, then later make not so great shots...anyway, they didn't take advantage of the good morning conditions in my opinion...but tomorrow is another day

folks...here is what really confuses me about Wiesy Golf...Hole #5 is a reachable par five and probably the easiest hole on the course for these players...about the last TEN or so times, I have seen Wiesy play this hole...she just cannot make her eagle...infact the last so many times, I have seen her LAY UP, when I know she can reach it in TWO...there is water in the front, but in my opinion LONG is NOT WRONG to avoid the water...last year, she layed up on TWO different days and both times laid up too far for her third and into the water...Today, she laid up AGAIN and just barely stayed out of the water...last year I seen Lexi and Brittny hit an Iron for their 2nd shot for their eagle chance...and folks, for some strange reason, Wiesy just doesn't want to pull the trigger...I can understand if the lie in the fairway isn't good for an attempt to reach in Two...but they are playing Lift Clean and Place...hmmm...ahhh but what do I know, I am just a SIMPLE obedient team member of WieNation...Our Leader is playing good decent solid golf this year...she knows what she is doing

anyway, I ran into Cougar as he was busy setting up his tent activities...we chatted for a short spell...I gave him a Spam Musubi (he wrote to me that he enjoyed it yesterday)....Folks, let me tell you about SPAM...no no no...not the ones that you get in cyberspace...SPAM the meat from Hormal...Hawaii is known as the Spam Capital of the WORLD...people in Hawaii eat more spam then anywhere else in the USA or world...to prove my point...even McDonalds in Hawaii has it on their breakfast menu...anyway...moving onward....I also gave him a dollar bill TEE SHIRT with TIE...he really was impressed...I told him that this is the origami one for him to practice making

anyway...this concludes my typing exercise for today...Tomorrow is a LATE day of golf for me...I dunno if I will have the time for a regular fan diary...perhaps a very short one....hmmmm I thought I heard some applause in the background...just kidding folks...anyway...Aloha and see ya later
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