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What a tournament! Creamer at -6 for the day and -14 for the event. If Karin Icher continues to play this well tomorrow, her Solheim points are going to be right up there.

Who's watching and how is the coverage on TGC?
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Carl, the coverage is all slanted to European players, especially Karin Icher. It is the ONLY golf tournament the French do all year, and the producer is only into movies. The 2nd round coverage did not show Michelle at all - NONE! But they made up for it in the 3rd round, when Wie was the whole show for about the first hour. They even brought her up to the booth and asked her many questions about her round, the course and her caddy change to her father.

They only cover from the 13th hole on, so it is a little limited, and according to TGC, they are entirely at the mercy of French TV.
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Carl don't get the wrong idea from someone who only wants to see Michelle Wie. The coverage has not been slanted towards the Europeans. It has been a very fair coverage. They only cover from the 13th and show a bit of everyone, which those of us that actually enjoy the game and not one player like. I read Boola complaining on another forum about Michelle not getting all the coverage so I guess a slanted view comes from them. So now she has done well in the last round Boola will be happy. A missguided opinion that all everyone whats to see is Wie. Wrong us true golf fans love getting to see a mix and the French have done a good job of that.
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