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Aree and Naree Song on a cereal box

Cool find by Eric Fleming recently that I had to pass along:

Originally Posted by HappyFan
I was in the grocery store the other day and noticed that two people on the front of the Kashi box looked very familiar. I turned it over and, sure enough, it was Aree and Naree Song! The box said something about how they had earned the cover not from their golf but because Naree sent something in to Kashi suggesting Aree be on the cover for her work on environmental issues or something.

[Edit]: I did a search and found this, the front and back covers of the box:

Toasted trio of flakes twigs and granola cereal. New Look - same tasty cereal. Cereal lovers like you first inspired us to make Good Friends. recently we asked people to share their stories about someone who inspired them. One of our favorite stores came from Naree Song whose twin sister Aree had devoted herself to being a steward of the environment. Aree and Naree grew up playing golf where they learned how even the smallest thing - like replacing other players' forgotten divots - can have an impact. today. Aree is a professional golfer and is able to spread this message even further. She has teamed up with a charitable foundation that supports eco-friendly athletes. Through the foundation Aree encourages others to do one good deed for the environment a day like recycling a cereal box or reusing a plastic bag. Aree firmly believes that supporting responsible behaviors with today's youth will pay dividends tomorrow. She also extends her helping hand by hosting golf clinics for underprivileged kids. As Aree learned so many years ago alongside her sister on the golf course even the smallest things add up. Cereal is like a good friend - they both always bring a smile to your face. I would describe it as being "fiberlisious" - is that even a word? If not it should be. Good Friends my real box of goodness. Naturally baked. we baked up a tasty trio of toasty whole grain flakes crispy bran twigs and crunchy granola with a touch of honey. Made from Kashi"s unique blend of seven whole grain & sesame good friends is naturally sweetened and free of artificial flavors and preservatives for pure nourishment. With just one serving Good Friends give you 46% of your daily fiber needs and as a part of a high fiber diet helps fill you up and promotes digestive heath. Fiber can also help support a healthy heart.

And also this cool link:

Kashi Cereal and the Song Sisters…….Check this out! | IMG Academies Blog
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But it's loaded with Gluten. See how I tied it in with the other thread on Gluten. Now Dance
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