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As you well know, Rules Officials in golf are not there to call penalties on players (throw yellow flags as in football). They are there to help players with the Rule of the Game and to interpret any instances where a penalty might be necessary. It is a game where each player self governs the Rules of the game.

This is not cricket or basketball or football where players try to get away with breaking/bending the Rules. It is an understood part of the game of Golf that players WILL play by the Rules and will report breaches of the Rules even if no one else has seen it happen. And, that is the essence and true beauty of the game. Cheaters will not last long...at any level of this game.

Whether there is a camera on a player, or a spectator in the gallery watching the player, or a fellow competitor watching a player...is not the point. In the instance of a Rule being breached...it either IS or it ISN'T, and sometimes only the player knows that. If evidence is submitted to the Committee...by ANY means....to show it did or did not happen, then what's the problem?

So, whether a camera is on a player or not, (in the case of a player not in contention) it does not change the fact of whether a breach of the Rules occurred. It is up to the player to report a violation and it is up to the Rules Committee to verify information from sources other than the player. They can't just say..."It didn't happen because we're not going to look at video or take testimony from other players or spectators in the gallery."

I don't understand what your issue is with this. The USGA/R&A has already addressed the situation of HDTV evidence where the players would not have reasonably known their ball moved, etc. and have rectified the penalty from a DQ to a stroke penalty if they unknowingly signed a wrong score.

Btw...this was not the case w/ Tiger. His ball moved. He didn't see it, or thought it "ocscillated" but the evidence was it moved. Should they have said..."nevermind" and let it go?

Players at all levels -- Ams to Pros -- have called penalties on themselves. And, true... many may have not done so. One can hope that players have the integrity not only to realize and report a breach of the Rules, but also to accept a Ruling when they're presented with evidence...by any means.
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A player who calls a penalty on him/her self is NOT and IDOL. They are merely players playing within the rules of the game.
Those who (knowingly)skirt the penalties are CHEATERS.

Viva Annika
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Originally Posted by heddwyn View Post

We know Woods ball moved because it was seen in such a close up way, but would a person standing where the cameraman was have seen it in 'normal vision'?
The only person who would know if Tiger Woods' balls moved is Lindsey Vonn.
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