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Erica Story Continues

Erica story continues by Shane Bacon
The Erica Blasberg story continues and continues - Devil Ball Golf - Golf - Yahoo! Sports
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Originally Posted by Balabill View Post
Ah,well,at least the guy recognised the inherent irony in writing an article,eight months after Erica Blasberg's suicide,bemoaning the continuing fascination people still have with said suicide ...

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Doctor gives interview

Dr hess has given an interview to a
sports illustrated reporter. An article
is forthcoming.
The Erica Blasberg Case - Golf Video | Golf Channel
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I've just read the story in this week's SI. It was very moving.

I haven't followed up on the case much recently but it was quite enlightening. It's a bit depressing but very thought provoking all the same. I recommend reading the article if you have the opportunity.
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I kept score for her at the last LPGA Championship she played in, and wow her anger issues were evident then. I was surprised she didn't hurt herself the way she was slamming herself in the leg after every bad shot. She missed the cut by a shot, and then just went off. She left the scoring tent throwing things and ignoring everyone, I stayed far away.
It was weird also seeing her practice, she always seemed to be alone. Kinda felt bad, she would go to furthest areas to be away from folks. The others would casually chat and talk, but never saw her do any of that.
From all the articles, sure sounds like she had lots of warning signs of issues. Its a shame no one could help her.
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