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Erica Blasberg Left us 3 years ago today

Hi Erica
I just wanted to say that you are a genuine good person and a credit to woman’s golf.
At four different tournaments I have approached you for your autograph. I usually have one of your photos and each time you gracefully sign your name with your trademark ♥ heart along with one of your million dollar smiles. I cherish each autographed photo and you should know that you have made an old gentleman a very happy golf fan. For your dedication to the game, and your awesome personality, you have become one of my favorite sport celebrities and you are the reason that I have become a huge fan of the LPGA. So in closing, don’t change a thing, your game is just as good as anyone on tour, all you need is a few breaks and the wins will come. Go get-em at the Navistar and don’t ever lose that beautiful smile
Sept. 2008

This was the message I left on Erica’s Facebook page in 2008 I still think of her today she was such a wonderful person, she touched so many people. May you Rest In Peace.
July 14/1984 -- May 9/2010
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Thank you very much for your post. Erica's story is so very tragic and unfortunate. I spotted Erica early on her professional career and followed her on Twitter. I'm just too saddened to think about her story.
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Erica Blasberg

I just read your very touching and poignant message. On behalf of Erica's family and myself, thank you for remembering Erica and taking the time to share your personal thoughts about her on the 3rd anniversary of her very tragic passing. Your comments will be brought to Mel's attention today. I'm certain he and her entire family will be deeply comforted by your sincere and heartfelt words.
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