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Thumbs down Yani's Suite

I love the comment that this Suite may help her win.

The 264-square-meter suite has been designed exclusively for Tseng to ensure her comfort and hopefully victory for the world's No. 1 woman player, said Huang Mei-lan, general manager of the Sunrise Golf and Country Club, a main organizer of the event that will take place Oct. 20-23 at the resort in Taoyuan County.

LPGA organizers unveil Yani Tseng suite - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
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From that one picture, the decor looks tacky.
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I like Yani, but she doesn't seem to be the type to be sweet on suites.

Viva Annika
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Here is the room that they "designed exclusively" for Kerr ...

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And here is one for Christina Kim!

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Originally Posted by fetucinialfokcu View Post
From that one picture, the decor looks tacky.

Agree, fet. Very tacky. And what's with that padded wall above the bed's headboard? Hmmmm.
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From my blog: Yani Tseng Lives The Suite Life Fairways And Forehands

In honor of world #1 and national hero Yani Tseng, the organizers of the 2011 Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship presented a special $2 million TWD (about $65,380 USD) suite for her exclusive use. All furniture and bedding in the 264 square meter suite is new. It also includes a jacuzzi. This will be the first LPGA event staged in Taiwan, scheduled to run from 10.20.2011 through 10.23.2011.

If that wasn’t suite…er, sweet enough…Audi has special Yani cheering buses! They really love Yani in her homeland, where she is sometimes referred to as “the light of Taiwan.”

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