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Yani Signs First Sponsorship Deal With Taiwanese Company

World #1 Women’s Golfer Yani Tseng of Taiwan, the reigning LPGA Player of the Year, signed her first sponsorship deal with a local Taiwanese company. Yani signed the deal with Taishin Financial Holding Company at a large press conference which included her parents. It was seen as significant that a Taiwanese company finally signed a sponsorship deal with the world’s #1 player. This is seen as a very late point for a Taiwanese company to step up to the plate, compared with South Korean companies like Mirae Assets and Samsung who quickly sign up top Korean players. Nonetheless, Taishin Financial Holdings Chairman Thomas Wu said he hoped this move would lead other Taiwanese companies to sign up other Taiwanese stars and the government to support more athletes . Financial details of the sponsorship were not disclosed by Mr. Wu or Yani, but it is rumored to be $500,000 a year.

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This is somewhat surprising that Taiwanese companies did not jump on Yani until now. Like you posted the Korean companies are quick to make the connection.
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I read an article quite a while back that Taiwanese are the biggest savers on the planet....so likely conservative how they spend their money.
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And maybe ads don't work on other Taiwanese? Or they are not many "consumer" companies, mostly electronics manufacturing?
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