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Originally Posted by UpDev View Post
I HAVE noticed that you have softened a bit MP. And you always gave Michelle a fair shake, so let's just wait until the end of next season, when Michelle will have one full year in where she will be a Stanford grad and her one and only goal will be to "WIN LOTS of LPGA tournaments," which IS a direct quote from her! And remember her 2012 season does not start until The Kia Classic in early April next year. That's when the REAL Michelle Wie will start to devote 100 percent of her time to winning LPGA tournaments. And THEN she can be judged with the rest of the LPGA players.
I told you before, I took a wait and see attitude toward MW, just as I've taken with Lexi. I don't expect either of them to overtake Yani any time in the near future.

I will say this for you, Wiefan and several others: Your loyalty is admirable. I was labeled a "basher" for several years in saying she hasn't proven anything to me yet, but I never said she didn't have the potential to be a very good player. What I HAVE said is, potential means she hasn't done it yet.
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from my blog: Yani Tseng Talks About The Opportunity To Play In A PGA Event Fairways and Forehands

Nobody doubts that Yani Tseng is the female golfer in the world at the moment. But like a few other ladies before her, the controversy and consternation ratchets up when the idea of playing against the men comes up. Some, like myself, have no problem if a sponsor wants to invite her, or any other woman, to play. Others disagree for a number of very valid reasons.

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