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Yani at Golf Range Giving Lesson

Here's a clip of one of my faves, Yani Tseng, at a driving range, stopping to give a quick lesson to one of the patrons, who is, to be kind, not too skilled off the tee...at th 2:30ish mark she starts to work with him, giving him pointers on his swing and holds his head (and the rest of his upper body) down during his swing...voila!! At around the 3:15 mark he hits his best shot ever!

...the poster, who is brothers with the lucky recipient of Yani's touch, jokes in the notes that it's the first time he's ever seen a 20 year old girl touch his brother!

I put this in the video section, too...but I dunno if it really qualifies as a full lesson...but that's where I put it, just in case...plus while it's fun to watch...it is in Mandarin Chinese...
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Most good golf lessons are 85% visual. I got it.
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That.... is a great video, especially for someone like me who is only a golf watcher. And just to watch Yani hit that ball.... man can she drive it. I don't get to see it like that on TV, as it is usually from the side or an angle when they drive off the tee or from middle of the course. Power, you can just feel it as your watching. And she does it so easy. Impressive. And to apply some simple instructions to a struggling golfer, and get results so quickly, thats nice to see. :-)
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