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prime007 02-03-2012 03:48 AM

Yani to appear on Big Break 'Atlantis'
As a Yani fan, I just learned she'll be appearing in Golf Channel's popular Big Break reality series. The series is scheduled to premier on May 14 and will feature an *ALL-FEMALE* cast! :banana:

For more information on the Big Break 'Atlantis', follow the link:
Golf Channel's Big Break series heads to the Bahamas for 17th season | World Golf News

The winner gets cash, unspecified other prizes, and a chance to compete in an 2012 LPGA Tour tournament! This all sounds good to me except the winner only gets to play in *ONE* tournament. She'll have to win the tournament too in order to get an 2013 LPGA card. I'm sure there are a lot of great female golfers out there....but how many can compete against (and beat) the best of what the LPGA has to offer? Its too bad the Golf Channel and the LPGA couldn't work out a deal to have the winner win a chance to play a full season of golf. If that were to happen, I think some LET players (like Melissa Reid) might be more than happy to appear on Golf Channel.

Buzzer 02-03-2012 03:27 PM

The BIG BREAK is not a production of the golf channel. It is only aired on TGC.
It is produced (and owned) by a company that specializes in reality shows.
The explanation of the BIG BREAK was written up in a recent edition of GOLFWORLD magazine. One of the interesting points made in the If you are interested check on www.golfworld.comstory was that the first ball could not even be teed up until the attorney for the producers was standing at the producers side. The story included a picture of everyone standing around waiting as the attorney, briefcase in hand, was approaching his spot. Until he gave the word no shot could be taken.
It made for a very interesting read. Until I saw the story I thought, as many still do, that TGC owned the show.
The LPGA cooperates with the show owner, but other than that they have nothing to do with it, either.

If you're interested check www.golfworld.com you might find it there....I can't remember the date of the story, but it wasn't too long ago as I recall.

Viva Annika

Buzzer 02-03-2012 03:44 PM

I found the story on the link above....here are sone excerpts....

Even in a crowd, the lawyer, Fatih Gurk, was pretty easy to spot -- he was the only person on a rain-soaked set carrying a leather attaché. Before you snicker, consider that over the last few years, while you were filing TPS reports in your fluorescently lit office, Counselor Gurk has been carving out a pretty sunny niche for himself. Although more litigator than golfer (he confesses only to owning clubs), Gurk and his briefcase have accumulated billable hours in some pretty cushy locales. He's officiated at Big Breaks in Hawaii (twice), Los Angeles, Florida, northern Michigan, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and now Ireland. All in the name of justice.
"Little-known fact," says Gurk, whose firm also works on such shows as Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? "It's a violation of federal law to tamper with, cheat or attempt to pre-determine the outcome of a game show. It's a federal offense punishable by fine and or imprisonment to rig a game show -- that's the purpose of having an attorney on site." His wife buys it every time.
As Gurk will attest, the show is predicated on contestants being in the dark about the format and the challenges. While most of the production staff has an advance list of the challenges and the locations on the course where they'll take place, these are kept from contestants -- and so is the staff. Aside from huddling for warmth around the coffee cart, crew and cast are kept separate. Fraternizing is forbidden."

Read More Peeking Behind The Curtain: Golf Digest

prime007 02-03-2012 07:38 PM

Thanks for the correction & link, Buzzer!

Definitely a interesting read!

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