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Q-School Sect 2 Contest

Hi everyone--

Here's the contest for Q-School Sectional 2

Rules are very simple:

1. Everyone can play, even if you've never played in a contest here before. Even if you did not play in the contest for the Rancho Mirage Q-School Sectional. Even if you've never posted here before.

2. The contest is for the Sectional Qualifier held September 30 through October 3 at Venice, Florida.

3. Go here:
This is the final field.

4. Pick fifteen (15) players from this list who you think will make cutoff to advance to the final qualifying tournament in December. The lowest 30 scores and ties advance.

5. Post the names here, like this:
(just example names):
1. Dana Bates
2. Yoora Kim
3. Jenna Pearson
to 15.
The numbers are not a ranking. It's just to keep things organized. You are not ranking the players, just picking fifteen.

6. You get 5 points for every correct pick, 0 points for a missed pick, and a bonus of 25 points if all 15 of your players advance.

7. If a player you have picked withdraws before her tee time in the first round, you can replace her. If a player withdraws after starting play, you get 0 points for that player.

8. You can start posting your picks anytime between now and 4 am ET on Tuesday September 30. Then just sit back and watch how things unfold over the three-day tournament.

9. Unlike with the Rancho Mirage Sectional, I may not be posting interim scores after every round. We'll have to see how that goes.

Scores will be converted to a hypothetical relationship to par so they can be used in the Season Standings. The best predictor gets a 69, the worst a 73. This matches the range of our weekly contest. The scores in between will be scaled appropriately. If anyone gets the 25 point bonus, that will be also be credited with -25 points in the bonus column of the Season Standings.

Get started and have fun!

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Wink After careful consideration....hmnnnn!!

1. Christi Cano
2. Aimee Cho
3. Ashley Gomes
4. Jennifer Kovach
5. Kelly Lagedrost
6. Vikki Laing
7. Shayna Miyajima
8. Debbie Munoz
9. Caroline Park
10. Amber Prange
11. Jean Reynolds
12. Trisha Self
13. Libby Smith
14. Jenny Suh
15. LeAnna Wicks

Viva Annika
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Q-School Sect 2 cotest

My picks for contest:

1. Kate Allison
2. Sara Brown
3. Chella Choi
4. Danah Ford
5. Rebecca Heinmert
6. Kelly Lagedrost
7. Vikki Laing
8. Caroline Larsson
9. Sunny Oh
10. Jean Reynolds
11. Samatha Richdale
12. Jenny Suh
13. Tiffany Tavee
14. Whitney Wade
15. LeAnna Wicks
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Q-School Contest

1. Sara Brown
2. Christi Cano
3. Esther Choe
4. Courtney Erdman
5. Danah Ford
6. Ashley Gomes
7. Rebecca Heinmert
8. Kelly Lagedrost
9. Vikki Laing
10.Christina Lecuyer
11.Sunny Oh
12.Samatha Richdale
13.Jenny Suh
14.Whitney Wade
15.LeAnna Wicks
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Wink Sectional Q-School 2

Q-School Picks:

1.Kim Augusta
2.Sara Brown
3.Christi Cano
4.Esther Choe
5.Courtney Erdman
6.Ashley Gomes
7.Jin Hyun Kim
8.Katrina Leckovic
9.Adrienne McDonald
10.Jenna Pearson
11.Samantha Richdale
12.Perry Swenson
13.Eileen Vargas
14.Whitney Wade
15.LeAnna Wicks
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The Name Game....

1. Moah Chang
2. Chella Choi
3. Chihi Chu
4. Porani Chutichai
5. Carling Coffing
6. Kim Kauwabunpat
7. Min Seo KWAK
8. Pornanong Phatlum
9. Noon Huachai
10. Nontaya Srisawang
11. Tiffany Tavee
12. Hoi Ning Eva Yoe (YO!)
13. Sunny Park
14. Shinah Ham
15. Trisha Self (it's all about her)
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Good Luck LoJo!!! Great to see you participate. You picked a hard one. Good laugh with your comments.
1 Katie Allison
2 Esther Choe
3 Chella Choi
4 Danah Ford
5 Kelly Lagedrost
6 Vikki Laing
7 Caroline Larsson
8 Christina Lecuyer
9 Samantha Richdale
10 Nontaya Srisawang
11 Tiffany Tavee
12 Eileen Vargas
13 Whitney Wade
14 LeAnna Wicks
15 Caryn Wilson

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01. Leanne Bowditch (a)
02. Becky Brewerton
03. Shinah Ham
04. Kelly Lagedrost
05. Vikki Laing
06. Adrienne McDonald
07. Sasha Medina
08. Ashley Rollins
09. Jenny Suh
10. Perry Swenson
11. Tiffany Tavee
12. Natalie Tucker
13. Andrea Vanderlende
14. Whitney Wade
15. Henni Zuel
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1. Tanya Battistella
2. Jessica Carafiello
3. Chella Choi
4. Shinah Ham
5. Kelly Lagedrost
6. Vikki Lang
7. Yeon Joo Lee
8. Andrienne McDonald
9. Ashley Rollins
10. Nontaya Srisawang
11. Perry Swanson
12. Tiffany Tavee
13. Natalie Tucker
14. Andrea Vanderlande
15. Whitney Wade
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no more entries.
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