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A correction in the standings that IceCat posted:

Saint- Just X had 5 picks totaling 43 3/4 points moving him to 8th place.
Everyone else below 8th place drops one place down.
Unfortunately Ghinhee and Tatkins drop to #11.
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Originally Posted by Saint-Just X View Post
Not that it's going to propel me into the stratosphere,or anything,and,anyway,I'm always comfortable in the lower portion of the standings,but didn't I have five scoring selections,not four ?

It says four by my finishing position.

I had : the Big Three ™,Brittany Lincicome and Aza.

Oh,and congrats on your win,Kev...

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Saint-Just X
No excuses for that lapse, but considering the past 2.5 weeks of winter weather we've had I could use a little sympathy at least.

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No worries,Kev.

The snow can do strange things to a man's mind.

And,thanks,Tony for updating those standings.

I have points!! I have points!!...

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Saint-Just X
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Hey Saint..... need to to compete in the baseball pick 'em contest on Sunspot. You in buddy?
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