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IceCat 09-10-2012 02:54 AM

PakPicker - 2012 Ricoh Women's British Open
With this year's final major now upon us this week in Britain we need to get this thread up and running. Your twelve selections and three alternates need to be submitted no later than 0600GMT/1amEDT Thursday 13 September (10pmPDT Wednesday 12 September). The Final Field is now finalized for your perusal. Good luck everyone, and lets have a better turnout this week!


coolfish1103 09-11-2012 06:51 AM

Jiyai Shin
Stacy Lewis
Ai Miyazato
Inbee Park
Na Yeon Choi
So Yeon Ryu
Shanshan Feng
Mika Miyazato
Amy Yang
Paula Creamer
Karine Icher
Yani Tseng

Suzann Pettersen
Azahara Munoz
In-Kyung Kim

ctmurray 09-11-2012 07:38 PM

Paula Creamer
Jiyai Shin
Catriona Matthew
Azahara Munoz
Ai Miyazato
Mika Miyazato
Inbee Park
Stacy Lewis
Suzann Petterson
Lydia Ko
Karine Icher
Danielle Kang

Sandra Gal
iK Kim

Saint-Just X 09-12-2012 05:25 AM

Let's see if I can get out of my recent funk on home soil :

1. Tseng,Yani
2. Miyazato,Mika
3. Park,Inbee
4. Choi,Na Yeon
5. Yang,Amy
6. Miyazato,Ai
7. Hedwall,Caroline
8. Webb,Karrie
9. Muņoz,Azahara
10. Matthew,Catriona
11. Shin,Jiyai
12. Yoo,Sun Young

Should they be required :

13. Ueda,Momoko
14. Feng,Shanshan
15. Park,Hee Young


Pax Vobiscum
Saint-Just X

Elf 09-12-2012 07:55 PM

Stacy Lewis
Mika Miyazato
Karine Icher
Inbee Park
Paula Creamer
Na Yeon Choi
Cristie Kerr
Ai Miyazato
Maria Hjorth
So Yeon Ryu
Catriona Matthew
Jiyai Shin

Yani Tseng
Karrie Webb
Sun Young Yoo

IceCat 09-14-2012 01:44 AM

With 28 players inside the Table of Points, including a SEVENTEEN-way tie for twelth, the first intermediate update will come after Round Two when there should be a little more separation in the standings.

Last week's marathon playoff winner Jiyai Shin was the only unanimous favorite among our fifteen contestants this week - at least I think it's unanimous, if cannuck didn't intend to pick Jenny when he only listed their common surname in his selections. Close behind with fourteen selections were Na Yeon Choi and Inbee Park. Stacy Lewis, Catriona Matthew and Ai Miyazato were each selected by thirteen PakPickers, while two-time defending champion Yani Tseng got a dozen nods, So Yeon Ryu and Mika Miyazato each had eleven and Paula Creamer had ten.


IceCat 09-16-2012 03:46 AM


With the suspension of play on Friday compressing the remaining 54 holes of the championship into two days the next update will be the Final Summary. I've attended an event before where the final 36 holes were contested in one day and a meaningful update after the opening 18 wouldn't be all that timely, since what typically happens is that just as the last few groups finish up their third round the first groups out have already started the final round.
For this midway update I'm introducing a new wrinkle here at PakPicker Central: in addition to the number of scoring selections each contestant has I'll also include how many selections missed the cut. First though, the Table:


    Position. Golfer (# of PakPickers who selected her)

    1. Jiyai Shin (15)
    2. Inbee Park (14)
    3. Mika Miyazato (11)
    -- Karrie Webb (2)
    5. Katie Futcher
    6. Ai Miyazato (13)
    -- Lydia Ko (5)
    -- Jenny Shin
    -- Carin Koch
    -- Vicky Hurst
    11. Stacy Lewis (13)
    --- Yani Tseng (12)
    --- So Yeon Ryu (11)
    --- Angela Stanford (4)
    --- Katherine Hull
    --- Yuki Ichinose

Just like Jiyai Shin at Royal Liverpool, Verdant Garden is threatening to run away with the title this week. He is the only contestant on the board with an astonishing nine scoring selections. His closest pursuer is the only contestant whose entire twelve made the cut, unlike Shanshan Feng and Suzann Pettersen who were on seven and six scorecards respectively. Tonyj5 is bringing up the rear at this stage as a third of his selections have no plans for Sunday and only five of his remaining eight are in the Table.


    Position. Contestant Points (# of scoring selections/# who missed the cut)

    1. Verdant Garden 81.50 (9/1)
    2. Friar Mike 73.75 (8/0)
    3. rjay 70.00 (8/1)
    4. ctmurray 64.25 (6/3)
    5. coolfish1103 64.00 (7/1)
    6. The Constructivist 62.00 (7/1)
    7. Saint-Just X 61.50 (6/2)
    8. Snells 58.25 (7/2)
    9. cannuck 55.75 (7/2)
    10. Elf 55.50 (6/1)

    11. ghinhee 55.00 (6/2)
    12. shungkim 54.75 (7/2)
    13. GCSVA 52.00 (5/2)
    14. IceCat 48.50 (6/3)
    15. tonyj5 40.25 (5/4)


IceCat 09-16-2012 10:25 PM


Jiyai did indeed go the distance in absolutely dreadful conditions to cement her status as the Marathon Queen. With everyone else struggling just to complete the day it was indeed an impressive display.


    Position. Golfer (# of PakPickers who selected her)

    1. Jiyai Shin (15)
    2. Inbee Park (14)
    3. Paula Creamer (10)
    4. Mika Miyazato (13)
    5. So Yeon Ryu (11)
    -- Karrie Webb (2)
    7. Julieta Granada
    8. Stacy Lewis (13)
    -- Katie Futcher
    10. Catriona Matthew (13)
    --- In Kyung Kim
    --- Chella Choi

The top six contestants this week had seven scoring selections apiece. With one exception they were the same seven: Jiyai, Inbee, Paula, Mika, So Yeon, Stacy and Catriona. Midway leader Verdant Garden does not come away with the win this week because he had Karrie (T5) instead of Paula (solo 3rd). Once the accuracy points shook out among the other six it is season leader The Constructivist who comes away with his first win of the campaign. Snells kept your humble scorer from the basement this week, though not by choice of course.


    Position. Contestant Points (# of scoring selections)

    1. The Constructivist 78.50 (7)
    2. shungkim 76.00 (7)
    3. Verdant Garden 74.00 (7)
    4. cannuck 73.50 (7)
    5. Friar Mike 72.50 (7)
    6. Elf 70.50 (7)
    7. coolfish1103 67.25 (6)
    8. ctmurray 65.00 (6)
    9. rjay 59.25 (5)
    10. tonyj5 54.75 (6)

    11. Saint-Just X 54.25 (5)
    12. ghinhee 52.50 (5)
    13. GCSVA 51.25 (5)
    14. IceCat 49.50 (5)
    15. Snells 47.75 (5)


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