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Pak Picker Standings Through HSBC

Congratulations go out to Olamin for winning Pak Picker week #5. Olamin was one of 4 players this week to have 8 correct picks, but his unique combination of Hyo-Joo Kim, Anna Nordqvist, and Shanshan Feng was the difference.

The wooden spoon goes to Boomer. Boomer was the only player to have less than six picks this week. He had just four, and was the only player to not include Inbee Park in his picks. Boomer, one of our most consistent players last year, has gotten off to a rough start this year as he has not scored a single point. That is not likely to continue for much longer.

We had seven players advance in the standings this week, ten fall down, and 7 stayed where they were the previous week. IceCat, as a result of his 4th place finish, moves back up to the #1 position. Pakman moves up two places to #2.
The weeks biggest movers were Olamin, who jumped from #10 to #7, and GDSmyth, who leaps from #11 to #8. On the downside, Guess took the biggest fall dropping 3 spots and landing in the #9 position. I tried to get an interview with him, but we have several players wearing paper bags over their heads this week and it was difficult to tell them apart. I thought I knew which one he was, but when I asked his name he just kept saying "guess". I didn't feel like guessing. Oh wait........

Other observations:
1- This has been quite a year so far for rookie players. In the first 5 weeks, two rookies (Olamin & Guess) have won, and another (Pakman), finished 2nd. Rookies now occupy 3 positions in the top 10.

2- IceCat and Tonyj5 are the only players to finish in the top 10 all 5 contests this year.

3- Olamin's score of 85 this week is the highest score of the year. With the tour moving to the United States and full 144 players fields being the norm in the coming months, look for the winning scores to drop dramatically, as the large field usually brings many more surprises into the top 12.

4- It was a tough week for Friar Mike who finished in the dreaded #11 position. He failed to get his first point of the year when SchoolteacherCindy bested him by 1/4 of a point for tenth place. Mike we are no longer rooting for you to break your slump, we are now praying for you. With the weather now warming up, that paper bag you have been wearing for a month has to be getting uncomfortable.

5- Until this week we had a trend going where every wooden spoon recipient bounced back nicely the following week. As expected, last week's wooden spoon recipient Saint Just X, broke that trend finishing 13th and not scoring a point.

6- Five different players have gotten the wooden spoon so far this year.

7- For the 5th consecutive week, we had 20 or more participants.

Here are the standings after week #5:

1- IceCat - 29
2- Pakman - 27
3- Baggerbob - 26
4- Bangkokbobby - 22
5- Cannuck - 21
6- Tonyj5 - 20
7- Olamin - 19
8- GDSmyth - 17
9- Guess - 16
10- Elf - 14
10- Verdant Garden - 14
12- Centurion - 12
13- Ghinhee - 8
13- SchoolteacherCindy - 8
13- Saint Just X - 8
16- Golfing Grammy -7
16- Dennis - 7
18- Rwgwillis - 3
19- Tatkins - 1
19- Shung - 1
21- Friar Mike - 0
21- Blue - 0
21- Boomer - 0
21- Ozuncle - 0

Virtual Trophies Retired: - (3 time winners)

Highest winning score:
Olamin 85.00 - HSBC Women's Champions

Current Top Ten Streaks:
IceCat - 5
Tonyj5 - 5

Top Ten Streaks That Came to a Skidding Halt:
Baggerbob - 3

Longest Top Ten Streaks of the Year:
IceCat - 5 (still active)
Tonyj5 - 5 (still active)
Elf - 3
Baggerbob - 3

Most wooden spoons:
Dennis - 1
Golfing Grammy - 1
Bankokbobby - 1
Saint-just X - 1
Boomer - 1

All time Pak Picker Records:
Most points in a season - Elf = 161
Most consecutive Top Ten Finishes - Tonyj5 = 15
Most Wooden Spoons in a season - Saint-Just X = 8
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Originally Posted by tonj5 View Post
Until this week we had a trend going where every wooden spoon recipient bounced back nicely the following week. As expected, last week's wooden spoon recipient Saint Just X, broke that trend finishing 13th and not scoring a point.
That was always going to be the easiest prediction of the year.

Like night following day...

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