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Final Q-School Contest

Here's the contest for the Final Q-School.

It's being posted early so people will have plenty of time to post their picks. The contest format is essentially the same as for the first two Q-school contests.

One caveat: The rules are different than in normal weekly contests because the tournament is different. Please read them carefully before playing. Participating in this contest is an optional part of life. There is no guarantee that either the actual tournament or the contest will turn out as you like it. If you do not agree with the rules or do not feel you can participate in the contest in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, please do not enter. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and contestants who are not able to follow these guidelines will be disqualified. This has become a necessary condition to keep the contest fun and fair for everyone.


1. Everyone can play, even if you've never played in a contest here before.

2. The contest is for the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament held December 3 through December 7 at Daytona Beach, Florida.

3. Go here:
This is the final field.

4. Pick fifteen (15) players from this list who you predict will earn full playing status for 2009 -- Priority in Category 11. The top 20 finishers will earn this status.

5. Post the names here, like this:
(example names):
1. Jennifer Ackerson
2. Sun-Ju Ahn
3. Beth Allen
to 15.
The numbers are not a ranking. It's just to keep things organized. You are not ranking the players, just picking fifteen. If you would like to make it easy on the scorekeeper, you can post your picks in alphabetical order by last name.

6. You get 5 points for very player who earns a card in Priority Category 11. You get 2 points for every player earning conditional status in Priority Category 16 (players ranked 21-30 in the final results) and 1 point for players earning conditional status in Priority Category 20 (players ranked 31-40 in the final results). If all your players receive Priority in Category 11, you get a 25 point bonus. All players must be in Category 11 to get the bonus; no bonus is given if some players are in Category 11 and some in the other Categories.

7. If a player you have picked withdraws before her tee time in the first round, you can replace her. If a player withdraws after starting play, you get 0 points for that player.

8. You can start posting your picks anytime between now and 4 am EST on Wednesday, December 3.

Scores will be converted to a hypothetical relationship to par so they can be used in the Season Standings. The best predictor gets a 69, the worst a 73. This matches the range of our weekly contest. The scores in between will be scaled appropriately. If anyone gets the 25 point bonus, that will be also be credited with -25 points in the bonus category of the Season Standings.

Any questions -- post them here.

Get started and have fun.

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About 24 hours left to make your picks.
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1) Sun-Ju Ahn
2) Emily Bastel
3) Kate Golden
4) Allison Hanna-Williams
5) NaRi Kim
6) Taylor Leon
7) Stacy Lewis
8) Charlotte Mayorkas
9) Shiho Oyama
10) Anna Rawson
11) Louise Stahle
12) Michelle Wie
13) Amy Yang
14) Young-A Yang
15) Eunjung Yi
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1. Sun-Ju Ahn
2. Cella Choi
3. Jimin Jeong
4. Stacy Lewis
5. Taylor Leon
6. Charlotte Mayorka
7. Naja Monke
8. Anna Norqvist
9. Shiho Oyama
10. Anna Rawson
11. Beatriz Recari
12. Miki Saiki
13. Louise Stahls
14. Michelle Wie
15. Amy Yang

If halve of them make it to Sunday I will be happy.
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Thumbs up Guessing; except for Stacy Lewis

1. Bader, Beth
2. Cano, Christi
3. Ellis, Michelle
4. Giquel, Sophie
5. Hanson, Tracy
6. Jeong, Jimin
7. Laing, Vickki
8. Lewis, Stacy
9. Mackinzie, Paige
10. Mayorkis, Charlotte
11. Oh, Angela
12. Pasechnik, Cindy
13. Saiki, Miki
14. Wie, Michelle
15. Yang, Amy

Viva Annika
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thanks to everyone for alphabetical order.
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Hi ya everyone...Yikes!!!....PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE....I am Hyperventilating already

first of all...Pressure in having this site open "minutes" before the contest deadline....pressure in picking 14 other players to join Wiesy....gulp....just kidding folks

and now....the pressure of following everyone else and getting it in alphabetical order....whew!!!... I need a cigarette after this

anyway....here is my picks...in ALPHABETICAL ORDER....ahhhh shucks!!! I am such a nice person


1. Martina Eberl
2. Liz Janangelo
3. Stacy Lewis
4. Paige MacKenzie
5. Mika Miyazato
6. Anja Monke
7. Anna Nordqvist
8. Shiho Oyama
9. Anna Rawson
10. Melissa Reid
11. Miki Saiki
12. Ashleigh Simon
13. Louise Stahle
14. Michelle Wie
15. Amy Yang

anyway....good luck to everyone...especially the players themself

thanks Blue for this terriffic contest....I am off to smoke a cigarette

have a good day everyone...see ya!!
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Since the first group doesn't tee off until 8:15 am, the deadline for posting picks has been extended to 8:00 am ET sharp.
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My picks in alphabetical order are:
1 Sun-Ju Ahn
2 Martina Eberl
3 Michelle Ellis
4 Sophie Giquel
5 Jimin Jeong
6 Stacy Lewis
7 Mika Miyazato
8 Anja Monke
9 Anna Nordqvist
10 Shiho Oyama
11 Melissa Reid
12 Miki Saiki
13 Louise Stahle
14 Michelle Wie
15 Amy Yang

Thanks blue for running the contest.
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1. Sun-Ju Ahn
2. Michelle Ellis
3. Mollie Fankhauser
4. Sophie Giguel
5. Jimin Jeong
6. Su A Kim
7. Stacy Lewis
8. Carolina Llano
9. Charlotte Mayorkas
10. Anna Nordqvist
11. Shiho Oyama
12. Miki Saiki
13. Michelle Wie
14. Amy Yang
15. Eunjung Yi

good luck everyone!
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