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I believe DJGolfer59 is also a Mac user. There may be others.

I used to have Virtual PC but it was very buggy and extremely slow and a huge memory hog.

Since I'm running Mac OS v 10.5 I've a utility called Bootcamp that lets me partition off part of the hard drives and install Windows on it.

I haven't heard from anyone who's done this, however. Of course, you also have to purchase a copy of Windows.

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Originally Posted by xman5 View Post
After you add those 3 you can go back second round groupings and set up that group.
Thank you very much, xman5. I never even thought of looking in the Manage Players section.

At any rate, adding the three player names and updating contestant selections took less than 5 minutes.

Thanks again.
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Yes I am on a mac as well and as of now I am only able to access the Internet off my iPhone when i can run across wifi and can't download the program. The site looks great though from what you showed us.
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Its not gonna work on a mac, so don't download it.
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