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Here are the updated season standings:

More here: http://lpgagolfcontests.blogspot.com...20championship

This was a high-scoring tournament and everyone except 4wahine moved down in the standings.

Thank you for playing.
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All I can tell you is the good book says: "And the last shall be first"...

Viva Annika
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For Blue..........
Originally Posted by Boola Boss
but I KNOW this much..........it just RUINS our contest..........Here are the odds from 7 different bookmakers in the UK for the final round.........Suzann is favored over Son Hwa 3.93 to 10.57..........Paula is favored over JJ by 3.71 to 7.36............Ji Yai is favored over Karrie by 4.07 to 11.43.......and Angela is favored over Eun-Hee by 3.93 to 13.34...........

"So ... how'd that turn out?"........Blue wanted to know............much to your dismay.........the bookies got it right..............one of their 4 favorites actually WON the million dollars............you see 4 of the 7 bookies had the top 4 favored at 4-1.............and my picks in the final round finished 5th of the 12 contestants...........I think you were next to LAST............and you said I was complaining that we had to post in Spanish for the event in Mexico........That was WAY wrong...........I LOVED it!...........it brought back many memories of when I lived in Mexico for a year.........and thanks for posting the updated season standings...........if you take the 19 of us who have participated in over 50 per cent of the contests...........then I am in 2nd place..........and that makes me happy..........
Xman5, you ran a fantastic contest, as usual...........and I thank you for doing it during a hectic part of your schedule............Congratulations to 4Wahine...........picking Ji-Yai Shin to win it was a stroke of genius.........the 20 bonus points got you over the top..........it looks like she has nerves of steel..........to be able to handle all that pressure in the final round..........
A BIG Michelle Wie fan!
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Next year, we will probably need a sportsmanship clause in the rules. You whine, you don't play. It tends to ruin the fun for others.

In any case, you're right, I did finish second to last. I was aiming for last, but Buzzer beat me. It doesn't mean your claim about the pairings xman set up ruining our contest was valid. It wasn't.

Moving on, just so you and any others will not be disappointed later, there will be end of season awards. The Player of the Year award is open to anyone who played in over 60% of the contests. All the other awards are open to anyone. We have made this clear all season.

And once more, this contest is for fun. People who don't find it fun or can't keep to the spirit of the contest, are welcome to withdraw at any time or to sit out a week. Next week's contest, Final Q-School, has unique rules, as did this week. Everyone should read the rules and feel comfortable with them before entering.

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It has been a pleasure running some of the contests, though it is a lot of hard work. It generally takes over an hour to get the scoring done for each round, and you have to keep make sure you get the pairings up in time, and you get the scoring out in time. But I am not complaining, it is fun.

Here is my philosophy on the pairings based on the format we use.

1st round the LPGA pairings. The random draw.

2nd round make up pairings. I do several things. 1) I like to put players together of similar ability. 2) Going along with that I like to put the top players together 3) I also like to make interesting pairings. Like a battle of Lee's or Kim's or Rookies or major champs etc.

3rd and 4th round the LPGA pairings. This gives you a wide verity of groupings. You may have a lower ranked player who is playing well against a top player, a top player playing poorly against a lesser player etc. You need to consider who the person is as well as how well the have been playing prior to the tournament and how well the have played over the earlier rounds. I thinkt that these rounds require the most thought and you general see big changes in placement from these rounds. Also going with the LPGA pairings at this point is the fairest way to go.

The ADT was a little different because of the multiple cuts. As I stated in the begining, I felt that the Bonus selection was going to be very important as it turned out to be and that scoring will be very tight. Also do not minimize the importance of the last round. The final totals with the bonus came down to a few points. So a few points here or there on the final round was very important.
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Thumbs up

Many thanx to Xman, Blue, the Prof (whatever happened to him) and anyone else who was instrumental in donating their time so the rest of us could enjoy the LPGA tournaments more than the ordinary fan. Y'all did a great job, Guys......

Viva Annika
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You did an excellent job with the format this week, xman, and you were spot-on with both the effect of the bonus pick and the fact that anything could happen in the final round. The player who finished last after round 3 won and the player who finished 1st ended up last. That's golf.

Thanks to xman, Elf, profdan and all the contestants for making this a great season. One more contest in two weeks and then the awards banquet (black tie optional).
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