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PGA Championship Report

OK. Late report, but finally got my computer working after a false start.

First round they have Tiger and Brooks going out at 8:30 on Number 10.
Experience tells me that even with this tee time alot of people will be out there and I was right. I only live about 15 mins from the event parking at Jones Beach but wanted to be there at about 7:15, but hey I am never up this early on a normal day. If I am up this early I am usually still up from the prior day leaving a poker table somewhere.

Wasn't sure to go with pants or shorts. Was a bit of a chill in the morning. Went with shorts and a light sweater vest. Made the right choice as it warmed up when the sun came out.

#10 is all the way on the far side of the course. A long walk from the bus drop off. Let me just say as an aside that they made an incredible bus depot. Though not that helpful to the 10th hole on the Yellow course that go paved over. Also not to mention the 9th on the Yellow that got the Merch tent. Since I love playing the yellow, lets see how long the get the course back.

I knew that I could not get out all the way to 10 so I stopped at 12 green or 13, don't remember. I followed them as much as I could on their first 9. Then settled down on 1 green and then 16 green for the most part.

A little late to report, since you all watched the tournament, but the rough was tough. Not deep, but was thick from all the rain. Locally for the tournament itself there was very little rain, just for a little bit on Friday.

Craziest part of the day was spending $18 for a small pulled pork sandwich and a diet Pepsi. But you have no choice.

2nd Round got a latter start. Tried to go with Brooks and Tiger as much as I could. So did everyone else. Damn this place is hard to walk. Last time the Barclays was here I could walk the whole thing. Not anymore. Nerve pains in my leg really got me. Anyway it became apparent that Tiger was going to miss the cut. Mainly he could not drive and the rough killed him. Couldn't save himself on the greens.

Caught a little bit of a bunch of players. Phil, Rory, DJ. Also did catch John Daly on Number 1 in a cart. Crowd was good to him. And yes they were as Rowdy as the were reported. They pushed the line, but not over. Ryder Cup 2024 should be interesting.

Round 3, settled in early on 1 Green. Good place to sit and watch. 18 Green was another place. 16 too. Tried to go out as much as I could with the leaders until my leg gave out. Skipped the middle part of their round. Crazy pain by the time I got home.

Course finally played the way It should for a complete tournament. Move to spring worked. Course was in amazing shape. However Yellow #10,9,1, Green # 1,18 and Red #1 were basically destroyed by roads and tents. The whole complex was basically closed for the month of May. Brooks was amazing, except for slight hiccup in the middle of the final round. Watched the final on TV.
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