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Some of you saw my sign off photo in another thread. I thought stooping to the current level of juvenile communication on the site would make a point or at the least be amusing.

It was clear that no matter what I posted, and no matter how well intentioned or honest, it would be met with derision and childish personal attacks. Apparently I have become public enemy number 1 on mylpga.com. I met one poster in person last summer and I am dismayed that even that now has turned into ammunition for further personal attacks.

It should give some of you reason to rejoice that I'm leaving this site.

The site was enjoyable for a while and I considered some of you friends, even from a distance.

I will miss the best parts of the site. It was a valuable venue at which to discuss our mutual passion for golf and the LPGA.

However, the pettiness and constant personal attacks makes this site no longer fun.

I wish you all well.

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I'll miss you,hon.

This board can ill-afford to lose one of the few regular posters it has.

The old saying 'don't let the bastards grind you down' is pertinent here.

I'd urge you to reconsider...

Pax Vobiscum
Saint-Just X
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Hi ya folks....this is just my personal opinion....I sure hope that Blue's farewell isn't permanent....hopefully it will be just a "short Vacation" to "cool down and recharge her batteries"...a lot of posters do this occasionally, and hopefully Blue will do so also

this site and myself will miss poster Blue....if she doesn't come back to visit, I hope she is happy and well in whatever else she endeavors into

anyway....have a good evening everyone...see ya
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Old 09-10-2011, 01:32 PM   #5
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You can't go, your leading the contest.
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You can not go, you only about 150 posts from over taking Marine Paul. You can over take him at the S. Cup or at the latest by xmas.

I believe dangerbob is also near. But he is a moody poster and goes away when the heat reaches him. There are good and bad times. No big deal, you dish out some criticism and results (answers) are some times hard to swallow. Keep them coming, we can take it.

I was once called a "bastard" by one of your defenders, am still here but I do not forgive or forget.

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You could be either a babe or an old hag but i like you Blue. Intelligent posters or intelligent people for that matter are hard to find. Come back when you cool off. The gxer and dangerbob did the same.

Only knuckleheads need to keep staying away. You know who you are
"There's no use arguing with a fool. He only rages and scoffs, and tempers flare."
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She already came in another thread. That was a short vacation.

Maybe next time she'll come back as UpDeva.
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Let's eat Grandpa.
Let's eat, Grandpa.

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I hate to lose any poster, but the majority of pettiness and personal attacks came from her. The picture flipping off the other posters on the Nicklaus thread would have had her screaming to Rusty to have another poster banned.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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