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Juli going for a record

Just checked the scores at Long's Drug and Juli is tied for the lead after 12. I might be wrong, but I think if she wins, she'll set a record for the oldest winner on an LPGA event!!

All the talk about youngest records, it's nice to see a possible record for the oldest....
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If Juli were to win at this point she would break the oldest to win record. It's nice to see her coming close this week. It's funny that Beth Daniel talked about Juli breaking the record in her 2009 Solheim Cup captain press conference earlier this week.

Q. Has Juli talked to you about breaking your record as the oldest player to win an event?
BETH DANIEL: No, she hasn't talked to me about it, but for the record I will say that I think Juli Inkster will break it. As a matter of fact, earlier this year when she lost in the playoff to me and Kim in Tulsa, I thought for sure she was going to break it then.

But Juli Inkster I think will be the person to break it, and I'll be the happiest person for her, too.

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I don't know if Juli will break the record.
She really had a golden chance at the Evian Masters and she really threw it away.
The good thing for her, is that she is good enough to contend many times, so she should have more chances, it's just about getting the job done.
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Juli will probably break it early next year. I think she'll get another couple of wins before she hangs it up.
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