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I Would Follow Juli

If Juli Inkster hit her tee shot into Hell and for some reason decided she could play it where it lies, I would follow Juli into Hell just so I could see her hit that shot. I have spent the better part of the last 3 days trying to come up with the words to express how highly esteemed Juli is in my mind. I think that describes it as well as any other choice of words I could have come up with.

When I attend a tournament, it is to see Grace and if she is on the course, you can not pry me away from wherever she is. But I always try to find a way to follow Juli for at least a few holes. And you should too. Don't just watch as she plays through wherever you have put your lawn chair. Follow her for 4 or 5 holes or even a round. I guarantee she will do something during that time that will impress you.

If I were an LPGA player, I would hope like crazy that I would be paired with Juli for the 1st 2 rounds of every tournament and as many other rounds as possible. And I would watch everything she does; the way she practices, the way she carries herself, the way she talks to people, everything. The woman is ... again ... I'm having trouble coming up with words to describe how good a golfer and a person I think she is.

I'm going to tell a story here that I have told before, so if you have heard it and don't want to hear it again just skip the next couple of paragraphs.

First tournament I ever attended. Juli was paired with Grace. Again, it was my first tournament and I was not familiar with being part of a gallery and I wanted so much not to do anything wrong. So I was walking from one hole to the next, head down, making sure I was on the right path. All of a sudden someone was next to me talking to me about what a nice place that was and what a nice day it was. I looked up and it was Juli Inkster! Talking to me! Like I was her next door neighbor and we were sipping tee over the backyard fence! I was shocked.

Then on the par 5 hole number 13, Grace hit a magnificent shot which I could not see because the green is hidden by a hill of bunkers. You pretty much have to hit a blind shot into that thing. Juli was ahead of Grace walking to the Green and when she saw that Grace hit a shot maybe 15 feet from the hole for an Eagle try, she turned around and said "Nice shot Grace!" Now, you can say "Nice shot Grace" almost like it is an obligation and what you really want to say is "Oh yeah, you hit a good shot. Big deal." Or you can say "Nice shot Grace" in a sincere way like you are saying "You go girl!"

Juli ... baby ... you had me at hello. But when you compliment my lady Grace, I might as well be a horse and you might as well be extending a handful of sugar cubes for me to munch on. From that point on, you have had at least a little piece of my golf fan's heart. And you've never given me any reason to believe I have ever been wrong for admiring you so much.

I've seen Juli hit shots that would drive a sane person crazy and a crazy person sane, then a minute later flash a smile at someone she recognizes in the gallery. My point is Juli Inkster is a must see ... even if she decides to play that shot where it lies in Hell.
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