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You go girl!

Not a bad idea.
ORLANDO, FLa. -- LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan is set to finally unveil the details of the tour's 2011 schedule on Thursday, which is expected to include around 22 official events.

Good thing. The members are getting restless.

Veteran tour member Brittany Lincicome is apparently so bored, if not starved for competition, that she entered a Moonlight Golf Tour event in Windermere, Fla., on Tuesday, where she teed it up in an 18-hole event against a field of male professionals.

The LPGA is inactive for roughly half the year, so players attempting to keep their games sharp over the next few weeks are mostly out of luck. Lincicome has played against the men before. She played in an 18-hole event in nearby Winter Garden last April and shot 75.

This time, she shot a 1-under 71 from the men's tees and finished third, five shots behind winner David Ziglar of Orlando.

While the Moonlight is usually filled with a few dozen journeymen pros with limited exemption status on bigger circuits who plunk down the $100 entry fee -- the winner of the one-day shootouts often receives less than $400 -- there are a few notables who play occasionally.

Recent winners include Patrick Sheehan, Ty Tryon, Carl Paulson and David Morland, Orlando-area pros who have played multiple years in the past on the PGA Tour.

While the roster of players teeing it up Tuesday against the long-hitting Lincicome, who lives in the Tampa area, wasn't available, it's a safe bet that none of them have won a major. Lincicome, however, claimed the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2009.

Idle LPGA star Lincicome decides, why wait? - CBSSports.com
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