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Mr3putt 02-27-2016 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Whistling Straight (Post 152836)
but I most certainly respect the LPGA's declining to use this site as a resource.

I do believe this site is an asset to the LPGA

Hi Whistling
Thx for your efforts.

When has the LPGA ever used this site as a resource?
Yes...in the past there were some lower ranked pros who provided a few posts, but it was not through the LPGA, per se.

And unless I'm not seeing something that you see....how is a virtually dormant site an asset to the LPGA?.....outside of the contests...there are some weeks where there are no posts or few replies to Tonyj's original tournament post.

I think if the LPGA was to partner with a site....although very unlikely....it might be a site the magnitude of WRX...that has 100,000's of members and 1000's of posts per day
That site has a limited amount of activity in their LPGA folder....compared to other folders.

If you look at the new posts section at WRX...you'll see 60%+ of it's activities are discussions about equipment.....even the PGA threads have limited banter.compared to equipment talk.

Ya just gotta accept that the LPGA is a very small niche market....and IMO.....is currently doing fine.

I have come across a fair share of young female competitive golfers when I play golf...they have limited or minimal interest in the LPGA....if they do watch golf...it's the PGA tour.

I'll be interested in hearing of your next action plan(s).

xman5 02-29-2016 01:28 PM

They have no need to partner with any "Sites". I doubt that they want to work with and advertise a site that has a blog or comment section. Nobody really wants that anymore. They don't want to be associated with anything written that is negative. Entities need direct control of anything that they produce or are associated with.

This is true across the internet. Even CNN got rid of comments on their news items.

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