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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
According to the Tri-City News in B.C., attendance in 2015 was greater than attendance in 2012.

The LPGA is actually growing -- more tournaments, larger purses, attendance up at many tournaments.
As you know...one can't always believe what is written on the internet or the media.

I was at the 2012 CN CWO from Mon-Sun and 2015 CP CWO Tues-Sun for approx 8-9 hrs/day...and there were far less galleries this year.

The galleries were so large in 2012...e.g.) on Fri afternoon when the premier groups were set to tee off in the PM wave....there were galleries 10 deep around the tee block and 3-4 deep along the right ropes all the way to the green on the par 5 10th hole.
I never saw any galleries even a fraction of this even on the weekend with the leaders/or premier groups.

I can't explain it...a deeper tour since 2012 and Brooke won her 1st LPGA the week before.

But I was ecstatic to watch Lydia take down Ms Pouty Face Lewis in the playoff....I loved rubbing it into Tony, Cindy, Golfing Grammy and her hubby...... who looked like they attended a funeral when their Merican, Stacy. lost.....lol.
Lots of Canucks here rooting for Ko.
But surprisingly...I was shocked to see how many Asians here who like Stacy...running after her to get her autograph.

I was at the 2013 Safeway in Portland...the galleries were dismal.
The media (see attached) said there were 71,500 in attendance....I think maybe 25,000 showed up and I think I'm generous with that number.
Cougar, Verdant Garden and BraveDave attended too and they can also comment on the disappointing attendance....maybe only 200-300 following the final group on Sunday.
I was so bored....I didn't go out to follow them....I hung back and chatted with Cougar and some other vols.
I like crowds and find it kinda boring if fans don't turn out to sporting events.


IMO....the biggest highlight of 2015 were the crazy large galleries at the USWO in Lancaster....I wish I was there....the USGA need not find another USWO venue....Lancaster wins.....I think galleries at Danville will be kinda disappointing for the 2016 USWO.

The LPGA is growing but much thanks to the sponsorships from the Pac Rim.
Merican women's golf is flat or kinda dying.
I read minimal galleries at the KPMG at Westchester and there are approx 12+M people to attract within a 3 hr drive radius.

The KNC had to be bailed out by the Japanese (ANA) cause no Merican company was willing to put money into Palm Springs and this is a major?????....the galleries in recent years at this event are embarrassing.

But as I said before.....golf as a whole is shrinking.
We don't see it as much here due to the large number of golf crazed Asians here...especially the Koreans.

But I'm not complaining too much as the downfall of golf has allowed me to find some good golf deals/promos on some course in the suburbs.

Some OEM's are suffering too.
In 1993...I paid $600 for a set of Wilson Staff Ultra 45 irons.....last March...I paid $275 for a set of Cobra Amp Cell irons in Canada...there's more excess inventory in the US...so much cheaper deals and often with free shipping.
I could really club ho is I was a Yank.

The golf courses across the border which rely heavily on some Van City golfers are getting killed with a 40% premium exchange rate on the US greenback.
I'm putting my loonies into a piggy bank so I can afford to attend the 2016 KPMG at Salhalee.....this course is crazy nice and TV unfortunately won't do it justice.

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Lots of very valid points brought up - I particularly find the popularity of social media to be a factor impacting participation on message boards.
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I was at the kmpg and there was nothing wrong with the crowds. Your information is incorrect. I was also at the us open for a day and the crowds were quite large.
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I had no idea that the news section is open.
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Originally Posted by xman5 View Post
I was at the kmpg and there was nothing wrong with the crowds. Your information is incorrect.
As I said before who really knows what is truth or fiction on the internet or from the media....but from Dottie Pepper (see attached)....one of her disappointments from 2015 was the KPMG attendance at 17,500.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the 2015 LPGA season

I also spoke with Tony and a gent from seoulsisters.com who attended the KPMG and they said the attendance at Westchester was not great.
They also said it was a somewhat hilly course...which may have made it more difficult to follow the players.
I also recorded the 4 majors that GC showcased during the holidays and from what I saw on TV .....IMO....the KPMG galleries were not what they really should be for a women's major.

Except for what happened at Lancaster....IMO....the LPGA majors don't feel like majors because often..... their attendance is no larger than some regular LPGA event.

I also remember minimal galleries at Sebonack....yet Shinnecock across the bay has never had issues selling out...yes...I know it's a USO...but there still should have been bigger galleries at Sebonack...the gals deserve better.

I had never attended a men's major until Chambers...I've attended other PGA events....and I must say that when I entered the facilities....it felt like something special due to the HUMONGOUS infrastructure build....the 18th grandstand was HUGE....TV didn't capture it and I couldn't believe how big the merchandise tent was.

BUT....Chambers will go down in history as the most difficult and fan unfriendly set-up in golf...it was a joke to try to follow and watch golf.

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Nice to see you again,mate

As for the forum,it's very difficult to get a thriving forum about women's golf,because the interest just isn't there.There are golf forums which cover women's golf,but more as an addendum to their main golf coverage.

Unfortunately,it is what it is.

It was much busier when the Entitled Princess was the main talking point in the sport,but that was simply because a lot of her fans posted topics about her ;and a lot of people who weren't her fans would respond.

It was less to do with the sport that the individual.

You'll never get LPGA golfers to contribute to this forum (or any other forum).It's just not how it works. As has been said,they like to control their brand,which they can do through social media outlets ;they aren't about to join a discussion board where they can't control the content.Even if everyone was their biggest fan,they still wouldn't do it,because they live in fear of saying something that will go viral and damage their image.

You have seen how often 'celebrities' have to apologise for something they uttered on Twitter,even if it didn't seem in the slightest offensive to anyone but the thinnest of skins.

Another thing is that there just aren't a lot of interesting personalities in the game.They all seem safe,sanitised and quite bland.I get the feeling that's how the LPGA likes it.

We need a bit of controversy in the game to really get our teeth into : Wie wanting to play the Masters ; some player complaining about the number of Asians on tour ; a ridiculous tournament concept ; a cheating scandal.

That,and absolute dictatorial powers for the mods...

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Thank you SJX. You are correct on all counts. In terms of bumping up interest in the forum, we need to think outside of the box just a little bit, ok, maybe a whole lot! This site doesn't have to stay the exact same way it is today and then expect an influx of people to come to us. It's up to us to be creative in capturing some more attention and continued interest! We cannot rule anything out.

I will say that about 3-4 years ago I had the interest of a major LPGA player, one who has a personality, who was ready to consider committing to some amount of discussion board participation until she saw the sexist cartoons and pics, primarily from one poster on here, and she said in no way would she want to be associated with such a site. Now 4 years ago was 4 years ago, and even during that short amount of time, social media has exploded. I'm going to approach her again to see how hard she laughs when I ask her what can be done to spur interest in the forum.

In terms of players wanting to control their brand ... not so much so in the LPGA! I worked on behalf of an LPGA player several years ago, volunteering as a representative on behalf of the player with sponsors and tournament reps. I can absolutely say that this player was not sensitive to any sort of branding. As she used to say ... "we are really just very normal people who are privileged to have an unusual job." But, most certainly, I believe player branding is applicable only to elite athletes in major sports. I have had no experience with anyone n the LPGA concerned about their brand ... just from my experience and perspective.

I do believe we can up our game a little on the site but only with modest goals in the long run. Irregardless, we have a site that is established and associated with a professional sport. The infrastructure is there, why don't we use this to its full advantage?
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You have to put women's golf attendance in prospective. It is not the PGA when looking at attendance. I've been to a lot of lpga events. The kpmg was average for attendance. You could say a major should be better. That's fine. I had been to about 4 prior lpga championships in md and they were on par with the kmpg.

Seabonic (sp?) Is out in the middle of no where. Close to 3 hrs from Manhattan, only the men's open will get lot of people out there. Lancaster was amazing, even Amish guys out there. Good location and course for an area that has not had live golf.

On the other hand tv ratings have never been better while the men are down accept for majors.

Too me attendance was better durring the best years of Sorenstam into Ochoa. The best attened ny event that I was ever too was her farewell year.

International companies sponsoring golf in the us is nothing new. Plenty on the PGA, Barclays,Honda, BMW etc. Same thing on the lpga tour. They want to advertise in the us and golf is a great medium.

As I said I go to a lot of events. I am not good at counting people. I go by my eye test and parking lot test and past experience and that tells me the kmpga was fine.

Also your view on tv is distorted. Remember it is an all day affair. For a tournament that concludes at 6 pm , I would say that peak onsite attendance is at 2 pm. The drop of the final ball is usually the lowest point in the afternoon.
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You are right about the blandness to day. In part now to social media, everything is to save and about the brand. They even talk about the brand.

The player that was on here was Sophie Gustafson. Anything but bland. She knew the admin from then. I wonder if it was today if she would the same.

Also on Dottie Pepper, she knows the game better then most and can analyse the game with the best of them but she is overly opinionated and too critical of most things non play related.
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I just got done communicating with one of the LPGA players this afternoon regarding player participation on myLPGA and the quote coming from her is as follows:

"I'm not so sure about how much value it would hold for players, as we have ways to interact with our fans as is via Twitter, snapchat, Instagram and Facebook."

She did encourage me to take several other courses of action and gave me some contact names for me to touch base with. I want to formulate my thoughts to more formally communicate with these people and then communicate my findings back to Rusty about increasing myLPGA's online profile. We'll see what comes of this!
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