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Thumbnail icon

Added a thumbnail icon by request now when you post pictures you can add them as thumbnails like so... easier on peoples bandwidth not so much scrolling. and they can click the image to view the bigger picture if they wish.

Icon looks like this:

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Thank Rusty. This is a nice addition.
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I agree. It'll make it much easier to scroll.
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I concur. I read the forum based upon "new posts" and I was loading the same batch of images each time someone added a comment to posts with pictures. I like the pictures, really - keep them coming.
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Sorry about that...as I explained in another thread, by the time I post pics here, particularly the Getty Images, I've gone through a lot of steps of editing and reposting...but since this is what is required, moving forward I'll thumbnail them or post a few and link to ss.com for the rest...
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