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Originally Posted by wiefan View Post
Hi ya xman....you mentioned the sister site as ?? "Fan site or discussion site".....does this question also apply to mylpga's LPGA Player folder....there has been a lot of dissent from some posters that certain LPGA player folder's have been "hi-jacked" with the insertion of unnecessary comparisons with other players
To a certain extent it is the same situation here, but I do not think that it is to the extream that it is on the Wie site. So I do not have a problem with anything that goes on here. SInce there are secion for all players and all of the others sections can involve any player there is not much of a problem. Basically there is a diversity of discsussion here that you can not have on the Wie site, since no matter what area you post in it has to be about Wie. Nothing wrong with that.

SO basically what I am saying is that things are OK here and since a majority of the people who post here are the same ones who post on the Wie site I was making the comparision between the two. I find it a different tone on the Wie site. It is mostly a "Fan" site plus a Fan against "Hater" argument and you guys know who you are. For the most part I find that I censor myself in the fact that I stay out of discussions rather then say something that might be perceived as too negative.

So what am I saying. I don't know. Arguments and dissagreement are fun and an all out lovefest is boring for me. Just let us know which one you want and I will go along with that.
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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I totally disagree. Although the moderators have said it's not intended as a Wie love fest, there are many posters who seem to feel that that's exactly what it is.... and that others are not welcome... In fact, the others have been told by at least one self-righteous poster to pack up and get out.
Exactly the reason I asked Admin to remove me when that site started. Any time you disagree over anything, the "basher" label is used. I don't approve of everything Annika, Paula, Morgan or Lorena does, either, and their fans haven't placed any labels on me.
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I very rarely post here nowadays. FWIW I think you do need to make a distinction between player's boards or the Wie site which I think must be for that player's fans, and the main boards. And if you aren't a fan - you don't go in to their boards or site looking for an argument and "bashing" that player for want of a better word.

As far as the thread starter's suggestion for a new rule:

Originally Posted by PW View Post
Not sure if we want to make it a rule, but it's a good rule of thumb. Questioning motives does little to add to a good discussion.
I don't think this site needs another rule. But it's a good point for each individual to consider when you are having an argument.

Originally Posted by MarinePaul View Post
Does that also apply to being called a "basher" whenever we happen to disagree with something?
I think we should be able to live with mild stereotyping terms like "basher", "hater", "wiemaniac", "wiefanatic". These terms are either used when you are with your own group and want to take comfort with the people sharing your views against those nasty "bashers" or "wiemaniacs" on the other side. Or they may also be used in arguments - particularly when you run out of arguments of your own. Are you really upset if someone calls you a "basher"? I know it wouldn't upset me in the least.

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Waldorf, what irritates me about being called a "basher" is that the very ones that call me that are quick to jump all over Annika for stating her opinion, Morgan if she shows any emotion after losing, and Cristie for damned nearly anything she does.

The point is, if it's right for one side, it should be right for both sides.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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