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Originally Posted by thecrow View Post
I am not sure if "whiners" is a fair description for those fighting against racial biases.

Alas, I guess, most posters of this board have been following the LPGA for a long time and thus have become accustomed to the persitent biases against Korean golfer. For me, a relative newcomers, these biases are painfully obvious.
I'm 75 years old and 18 year old girls don't chase me anymore is that bias. Come to think of it 40 year old women don't chase me either.
The world is full of different kinds of bias.
Rich, poor, pretty, ugly.fat, skinny and on and on it goes.
Crow my friend here are 4 things for you to keep in your life.
Your happiness is your responsibility.
Your success is your responsibility.
You can't change anyone.
Life is not fair.
If you go to the next tournament site and look at the flash at the top
for a girl signing autographs see if you see any black folks.
Be happy my friend.
And don't leave the forum
We are just a bunch of fun loving truth seekers.
God Bless America
\"Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.\" - William Penn
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