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Originally Posted by dangerbob View Post
English Grammar 101 for Saint-Just X: The use of "it's" vs. "its":

If you're confused by these two little words, you've come to the right place.

It's is a contraction for it is or it has.

Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it.

And there is absolutely, positively, no such word as its'.

A simple test:
If you can replace it[']s in your sentence with it is or it has, then your word is it's; otherwise, your word is its.

Another test
Its is the neuter version of his and her. Try plugging her into your sentence where you think its belongs. If the sentence still works grammatically (if not logically) then your word is indeed its.

It's been good to know you. Contraction: it has
It's a bird! It's a plane! Contraction: it is

The dodo bird is known for its inability to fly. Possessive pronoun: its inability = the dodo bird's inability.

There you go SJX. Now how to use a "space" after a comma...well, that's another topic. LOL
As impressed as I was by your usual pointless drivel,I'll just get to the relevant points.

I never used the word its' ;I used 'its' in inverted commas.You know, in the same way that people who know you would describe you as 'special'.

And if you're such an expert on grammar,why did you write the following : I like #2 combined with Rusty's avatar as it's background?

It is background,or its background ? Only one of those would be correct. Unfortunately,you used the other one.

But,hey,Bob,never mind,you can still get yourself all excited about the 'correct use of spaces after commas'....

Pax Vobiscum
Saint-Just X
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# 2 for me. 3 is good also. 1 looks too much like the KLPGA logo.
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I support #1.
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This is the updated concept.

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one, real nice.
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Thumbs up

Perfecto................just like Annika

Viva Rusty
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Geez - it took me quite a bit of time to even notice the difference. Need better glasses or something.... I like one best.
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First one
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The first one.
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