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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Isabelle is fictional member i created then used to post a question re-written from yahoo answers. Apparently I didn't read close enough as she might have some private (naughty?) photo's with her dad, This got Xman worried as he is a criminal investigator, now probably tracking me to throw me in jail. I'm highly embarrassed at this point and will read my re-written questions more carefully in the future. On a side note please join the forum if you can so I don't have to talk to myself it feels quite unusual trying to have a forum conversation with yourself.
Just trying to help "her" out. I don't do this work often, it sucks.

Unfortunately, did one earlier this year and it was not pretty, without going into the details. Billed alot of hours. Not so exciting recovering deleted images and spending hours and hours trying to determine if there are underage people in the images.
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Hi canadianglen when that happens for me once i log in it still submits the post. When you log in try ticking the remember me box.
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