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Involvement and future direction

I received an interesting pm from a member here asking a few questions
about my involvement and future direction of the site, and I thought I'd post the questions here and let everyone know my answers so they know whats going on.

I must admit that I'm a little confused with the administration of this site. You are the administrator yet you seldom participate. For that fact, I don't want to take for granted this site will last forever and I'm curious as to what your participation is, aside from being site administrator.
Your correct in the fact that I am seldom seen to post on myLPGA, my role is mainly background, and there are a number of reasons for this.
One of which is that I don't know very much about the LPGA, I have never seen or participated in any ladies golf tournaments (not including watching on TV) and I'm not really confident or comfortable in voicing opinions, or debating views on a topic that I know little about.

The other reason is I have seen quite a few debates turn heated over
the last few months and I have done my best to try and keep threads
civil and to keep member happy at the same time, when I do have to enforce the site rules.

After a few heated debates I began to think that I should remain as
neutral as possible in my views and posts on myLPGA. This is holding me
back from posting. I feel this position will help me to mediate any future problems between members, and also give members the impression that I'm not emotionally involved, and that any decision I make is fair and impartial.

A quick example is, if i am branded a Michelle Wie Lover, Hater, or Basher. and a member breaches the site rules and I have to act. Would they think that I'm using my admin status to win arguments or favor some members over others, if i hold one of these titles they would not respect my rule decisions.

With all that said, I would like to see this site take a step up as far as relieving you of your financial burden and perhaps gain additional commercial support. Could you please inform me of what your administrator status is and provide me with further detail as to any plan for commercial support? I would love to take this site to the next level as far as LPGA fan involvement and commercial support.
As far as commercial support and future direction of the site goes
members here have been very kind in there donations toward the hosting
of the site and I'm very appreciative. I am also getting a little bit of money from advertising that is helping toward paying for hosting of this site.

I don't have a lot of money myself, however I will continue contributing to hosting. I'd very much like to see the site grow and try to expand the site improving it and making it more interesting for members.

As far as I'm concerned I will try to keep the site running indefinitely, and failing that I will put it the hands of someone that can keep it running indefinitely. My main goal in the short and long term is to try and increase the member base, as well as advertising revenue to cover the cost of hosting of the site. At this point I can switch money to site improvements.

At this point I am saving to upgrade or fix the existing forum skin of the site in anticipation of a switch to the latest vbulletin version. (latest version is incompatible with this forum skin)

I have invested a little bit in the site since I bought it on software and
advertising, and have tried to improve it and fix bugs where i can. I have a few idea's on what I'd like to add to the the site to make it more interesting for members in the future, however this will only happen
as funds permit.

Things I'd like in the future.
A new flash web 2.0 forum skin.
A golf course directory with location (google maps) photo's, and reviews.
A members blog that contributes photo's and fan stories from people visiting tournaments.
Blog pages on LPGA players showing there history and information about.
More LPGA player participation in questions and answers.

I must admit I'm probably not the best person to take this site forward due to my limited knowledge of the LPGA and my funding status, however I'll do the best I can with what I have for the moment.

If anyone is interesting in helping with the future goals of the site, if they are good at graphic design, web coding, or writing, and would like to contribute there skills please let me know.

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Thanks for letting us in on the inside Rusty.

I like many of your ideas, they are forward golf thinking ideas. You are a very wise person me thinks, for someone who claims to know little of the full LPGA picture. Not kidding, that list of 3 or 4 you have up there is down right smart.

I also think more advertising will boost your web site, with fans and $$. Especially if the advertising is somehow related towards, golf/items of golf, that fans would be interested in. That kind of financial help along with local or pro tech assistance, should open many doors for you.

In reply to your request for participations from us posters, there I would not be of much aid. As my finances are sorta fossilized, and my tech knowledge of Internet programing/setups is in the kindergarten stage.

My best aid, is probably in 'the once-in-a-blue-moon' I get a bright idea about something I read from other posters, or my own mutterings that may help the site in some hopefully good fashion.

Again, thanks for posting your thoughts on the future of this site, and the written indication of your sincerity of dedication that you apply to your work. Much appreciated. :-)

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Thank you very much for your informative posting Rusty. I would like to make an attempt at looking for sources of revenue for the site. I will be in touch with you in the near future.
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Mathias, the former owner and administrator, when he was running the site hardly posted and participated either. So, I assume the above question was asked by a new member. But thanks for the answers Rusty.
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Hi All
Just an update on what is happening with the site.

The forum skin is finished and I am pretty happy with it. I think I have ironed out most of the bugs. (let me know if you find any).

A golf course directory with location (google maps) photo's, and reviews.
I'm not sure if I will bother implementing this one. Will look at it again sometime far in the future.

A members blog that contributes photo's and fan stories from people visiting tournaments.
I have decided to remove the blog, there wasn't very much interest in it, and I've started tournament news on the front page. With my poor writing skills, I hope the members here like it. As far as fan stories. photo's and contributions go, I'm thinking of copying the contribution's and photo's and posting them up nicely in a read only section in a new forum. Will have to think more on this.

Blog pages on LPGA players showing there history and information about.
This has actually been implemented in the forum and I'm happy with the result. I'll keep adding more as I get time.

More LPGA player participation in questions and answers.
I've sent off a few emails to LPGA players as well as asked people that attend tournaments to pass on an invitation to participate in questions & answers. No replies back on this which isn't a huge surprise.
It looks like the preferred way of connecting with fans is through twitter, which has a much larger promotion base.

Pretty soon I'll be starting a management diploma so won't have as much time as I'd like for the site. I'm still looking for help in the forum from anyone that would like to contribute, I need a couple of extra moderators for the forum, and writer's for the front page, as well as some help adding player bio's.

And if you have any photo's or fan writeing's the members would love to see them.
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