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Hiya & Update

Hi all

I've been away for a little bit so I'm just catching up on what has been going on the last week or so. Some outstanding posts I've seen so far. I'm very glad to see some of our old members back and posting as well as seeing some new members join the forum.

Next week I'll be heading out for work for a couple of weeks out in the sticks (no Internet). So I'll leave the forum in the capable hands of the moderators.

Some of you may have noticed the blog is back up though a fair bit outdated. I'll be looking to update it as soon as I get back. I'll send some invitations to a few of the great writers on the forum to see if they are interested in writing/add some articles to the blog. However all members are welcome to contribute to the blog if you are interested let me know and I'll add you and write a tutorial up on how to add to the blog.

I'm also thinking about moving my average front page writings to the blog and changing the layout of the front page so I can improve the advertising layout. Advertising has almost reached a milestone the last two months the site received $4.50 for each month. This is a big improvement and is helping heaps toward the cost of hosting. So a thanks to all the members here for your support.

Stay safe all and happy golfing.
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Don't get into any trouble out there in the bush Rusty!
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Work, uuhh a four letter word. Have fun. :-)
... I am not a tree, I am a tee... hit me, ah... wait a minute...
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