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Originally Posted by heddwyn View Post
Great, DB leaves and now some other juvenile starts up.
No, they are both different personalities with similar tastes from time to time.

Hey, if the world was all the same personality with your viewpoints, we would always be angry, and disappointed in everything.

I don't know you, and not meaning to infuriate you more then you appear to be with your post/s, but you come across to me as an easily irritated person. Hope I am wrong, and just misunderstanding/misinterpretation what you say/mean.

Myself, I am ignorant of many things/people, etc, but willing to learn, and I do like everyone.... even those I hate, if you can understand that.

I am on this side of the world and you are on the other side, but this world goes around, there is room for more then a few viewpoints me thinks.

Karl and Danger are color visual commentators, and welcome.... in my view.... and they fill in more pieces of a picture/puzzle subject/topic/idea/viewpoint, then most of us do with the limitations of just words. Cya down-under-guy. You are a guy right?
... I am not a tree, I am a tee... hit me, ah... wait a minute...
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