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Question Hooters Tour?

Hi Karin,

As you know, Brittany Lincicome competed in a winter series Hooters tour event this past week. Brittany said the reason she entered the Hooters tour event is to get the rust out of her golf game before the LPGA tour season begins. I think, although I am not sure, that Brittany will enter a couple of additional Hooters tour events before the LPGA tour season starts. That seems like a good idea to me but only for LPGA tour players who are fairly long off the tee as Brittany is.

Since you are also long off the tee, would you consider playing in a Hooter's tour event for the same reason that Brittany is; to get ready for the LPGA tour season?

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I think it's a great idea to play in some smaller events before the "real" season starts. It's hard to get into tournament mode immediately and getting some "warm-up tournaments" would definitely help.
I went to Phoenix last year and played in a couple of Cactus Tour events, but those are for women. I did briefly consider playing on a local mini-tour for men a few years ago, when a good friend of mine played there, but haven't given it much thought since. The Hooter's tour is probably a great option for Floridians, but it's harder for Oklahomans like me to find events to play nearby... It's also a lot easier for us to get to Phoenix than to Florida - many direct flights each day to Phoenix, and no convenient flights at all to any Florida destination...

I haven't decided on what to do before this season starts, but I'm sure I'll go somewhere warm for a few competitive rounds before we start off at the Founders' event. I'm also going to Spain next week for a camp with the Swedish Golf Federation and Olympic Committee. Looking forward to learning lots of new stuff while practicing and playing with fellow Swedish professional golfers!
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Thanks and good luck this season.
My "dream" girl: LPGA seasonal tour stats <=66 & >=270
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