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Rusty 05-20-2011 09:57 AM

Q & A Yani Tseng
Recieved Yani's replies to the questions asked by the members here. Many thanks to Ernie Huang (Yani's Manager) for passing on the questions to Yani, and also to Yani for taking the time to answer them.

1. "Much has been made lately about your head-to-head record against Michelle Wie. Does it factor into how you approach being paired with her?"

Not really. It’s the same approaches no matter whom I paired with; focus on one shot at a time and execute that shot well.

2. Obviously you are playing very well at the start of 2011. Did you change anything in your game specifically during the off season?

I did not do much differently than previous years; same working routines with my coaches but doing more physical training. I also took opportunities to relax a bit- watching basketball games, tennis tournaments, and hang out with friends. I welcome the season beginning with happy mood and positive attitude.

3. You need the US Women's Open to complete the career Grand Slam. This year it's being played at Broadmoor, where your idol, Annika Sorenstam, won her first US Open. How much more special would it feel to complete the career Grand Slam this year, winning your first US Open where Annika won her first US Open and first Major overall? And will you ask Annika for any tips on playing the course?

I have not thought about this. But thank you for reminding me; perhaps I should try to get advices from Annika.

4. In addition to the English languagehelp the LPGA tourprovides, you went beyond and enrolled yourself in an ESL course in the off-season. In interviews early this year, your English sounds much better. How has this helped you living in the States and would you recommend outside ESL classes for other players?

Thank you! I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to take the ESL course to improve my English. I could barely speak a few words in English when I first came to play golf in the States. I had to use body language to communicate with my coach. I was so afraid to talk to other players and especially to the media. So I used a lot of smiling those days! Since I moved to US four years ago, as my English improves, I feel much more comfortable interacting with people. I do think ESL helps me a lot. I do hope I have the opportunity to go back to the classes later this year.

5. You're currently 22 years old. The last long-term world number 1, Lorena Ochoa, retired at age 28 with fewer major wins than you. Have you given retirement a thought? When do you envision retiring?

When I first joined LPGA, I thought I would play for 10 years. But now, I really love the stage. So, I have not thought about how long I would play. I just wish I can stay healthy and play longer. I also wish I can retire as the World’s Number one like Lorena. I admire Lorena and Annika very much and would follow their examples.
6. You turned pro as a teenager. What challenges did that present? Do you think the LPGA should change its current policies and allow players to become members before age 18? Do you support the suggestion that players could join before age 18 but have limited membership?
When I turned professional, I was following my dream and tried out LPGA. So, I did not think about challenges too much. I support the current policy that one has to be at least 18 to become a LPGA member. It allows players to have the maturity to face challenges and to learn more than just golf.

7. I'm wondering what clubs you currently use in the golf bag. And if there have been any recent changes. Or if you change golf clubs depending which course you are playing.
I am not a person who likes to change clubs often. I have been using my current set for more than 2 years now. However, I will consider replacing fairway wood with 3 iron under special circumstances; such as very windy conditions at Women’s British Open.

8. Do you feel any added pressure to your game depending on who you are playing with in your group?

No, I do not feel any differently no matter whom I pair with. Sometimes, I do feel more relaxed when I am paired with my good friends.

9. When playing in a tournament or practicing which type of
golf shotdo you enjoy playing the most or feel the most confident playing?

My natural ball flight is slight fade. But when I practice, I will try to play different shots so I can get better feel for my ball striking.

10. What do you like to do in your free time when you are not playing golf. Do you enjoy playing any other sports?

Yes! I enjoy playing variety of sports. I shall say I love many sports except swimming. I also enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends.

11. How do you feel about golf becoming an Olympic sport? will you compete? also IGF proposed 60 player limit for both males and females in the 2016 Olympic golf competition. Do you think 30 female players would be a fair representation of the best players in the world from all the countries competing?

I was very happy when I learned golf will become an Olympic game. I feel this will help better and faster development of golf in Chinese population. If I qualify, I definitely will participate. I am not familiar with the Olympic rules. I certainly hope many good golfers can participate.

12. Do you still live in the house purchased from Annika? Also do you talk to Annika or Lorena much now that they have retired?

Yes, I still live here in Annika’s previous house. I love living here. Because we live close by at Lake Nona, I chat with Annika more and seek advices from her about golf related matters. I think they both enjoy their lives very much!

Blue 05-20-2011 10:47 AM

Thanks for doing this Rusty. It's very interesting to have our own press conference.

Rusty 05-22-2011 11:13 PM

Yeah I would love to have more media on the site like this, its great hearing from the players. I'll make another attempt soon to email the player agents. And perhaps form a bigger list questions. I'd love to get media credentials which could be passed on to the members here for permission to ask questions and take photographs at the tournaments.

feonicamartinez 07-01-2013 10:50 PM

This is very interesting! Thanks for posting this, I think it would be much interesting when you have a press conference of Inbee Park..: )

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