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Tie at the Solheim Cup

I apologize for my previous question. I was sad to see you had missed the cut, and I figured you felt likewise, so my main intent in posting was to offer a cyberhug. But since this is a Q&A forum, I felt obligated to ask a question, and I really blew it by blurting out the kind of question a reporter would ask. I'm sorry. Thank you, Sophie, for being more gracious than I was. It just makes me a bigger fan of yours.

How do you feel about the rule that in the event of a tie at the Solheim Cup, the previous holder gets to retain the cup? I don't like it at all, and I think the scoring should be changed so that one team or the other will win outright. The President's Cup has taken a few steps in this direction but hasn't got it right yet.

I devised a system that would prevent a tie and suggested it to the LPGA. Their response was polite, but when I read between the lines I think they don't really have a problem with a final score of 14-14. Perhaps that's because the U.S. currently holds the cup, so the rule benefits them.

Who else could I contact on the European side who might be interested in lobbying for a rule change that would prevent a tie?
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Hi sag,

I haven't given it much though to be honest. I guess it's always been that way and the men has it in the Ryder Cup as well..

If you want to contact the LET you should contact Alexandra Armas, she is the new head there now.

Best of luck to you
Remember... it's just my personal opinion
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