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Pairings at Dinah

Hi Soph.... Do you know why they paired in twosomes for the first two rounds of the Dinah, and then in three somes for the final two rounds?

Seemed odd, especially for a major. Thanks.
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I thought it was odd too that they sent us out in two balls the first two days.. I asked JR, the advance rules official, and she said they were trying something new. They have had trouble in the past with real slow play around that track and they thought putting us in two balls was worth a try.
I thought is was a great idea! It was real nice and quick.

The weekend they putt us out in three balls because of TV. We have to be done at 3 pm Palm Springs time. You can't have us in 2 balls then cause then first group have to go off at dark 30 AND you don't have the option of splitting tees (cause you don't have a morning wave and an afternoon wave like we did the first two days).

Hope that makes sense to you
PS. Teeing off the 10 at the course on the weekend really SUCKS!! I know being home on the couch kind of suck too but..... When you make the turn and are on the front nine there is NO ONE out there.. it's all quite and you can hear these massive roars coming from the back nine. It's very depressing.
Remember... it's just my personal opinion
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Thanks for the reply, Soph. I was wondering about that too and figured it had something to do with television. CBS still screwed us on the coverage, though, strarting late on Sunday because a tennis match went to sudden death and then cutting off (at least on the east coast) as soon as Karrie won, not staying on air for the trophy presentation. I'm sure the sponsors (Kraft Nabisco -- not the CBS Evening News sponsors) did not appreciate that.

Anway, thanks for the enlightment as well about what it's like to play starting on 10 on the weekend.

Thanks for hanging out here and good luck in your next tournament!
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Hey Blue, Be happy Federer won the 3rd set tiebreaker otherwise we would have been in trouble.If it had gone 5 sets we would probably have missed most of the golf telecast.
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