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New 2009 Swedish Rookie

Hi Sophie G, first time I ever wrote to a real LPGA player, hope I don't sound too stupid. :-)

My question - is about the new Swedish rookie this year 'Anna Nordquist'. I know she is 6 feet tall, (Michelle Wie is not the only tall one), and that she probably is also a long ball hitter. What I don't know is who is her big sister, (or I guess it is called monitor - not sure), for this season, would it be you or Karin Sjodin? No big deal though, as I will probably discover this anyways, as the golf season gets going....so no need to answer that question if you don't feel like, or not have the time now.

Also, more a proper question then above, did you have a big sister when you were a rookie, and how important to a rookie is a big sister? Can the LPGA be a big scary place to get lost in for a newby. Thats more then enough questions....thanks for your time in reading them....and no pressure to answer any now or ever. :-) Just watching you ladies play this high level of golf is more than informative itself.

Best of luck this season, may the putting grass whisper your name. :)

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Hi Greentee,

Since my friend Mattias has sold this site I will no longer be part of it.
I will however answer my final question here..

I don't know anything about Anna Nordquist.

I did have a big sister when I was a rookie, Susanne Strudwick. She wasn't really much help to me cause I keep bugging my friends that had been out there for years, like Laura Davies, Mardi and Karen Lunn, Trish Johnson and Lisa Hackney (now Hall).

Hope that answers your question
You all have a great one
Take care
Remember... it's just my personal opinion
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