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Or, in Wiefan's case, don't let facts get in the way of a good story.
Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
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Hi ya everyone....if Buzzer's facts are true...then I either misread an article I saw or the reporter misinterpretated something....I was pretty certain I read this somewhere....otherwise I wouldn't have posted this opinion.....so Annika's #13 and MW is #15....again, I don't know where I read this, but I must have somewhere....I clearly remember that they had MW as the highest paid Female Golfer in endorsements.....god!! I think I might be reading stuff and reading everything wrong....I don't think I did....but if Buzzer's sourse is correct...then I must have.....I wonder if anyone else has read what I have "thought" I have read

anyway.....have a great day....see ya!!
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Hi greentee,

I'm pretty sure that Xer is not the same person as gxer. A rather unfortunate coincidence in choice of screen name by Xer, IMO.

gxer has posted on these boards, but if you really have a hankerin' to read his opinions just go to Th Golf Channel boards and look for "baderc".
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Hi ya everyone...I just did a fast search and this is from Fox Sports

"The 16-year-old turned pro in October, and already her estimated $10 million in annual income from endorsements with Nike and Sony put her ahead of Sorenstam."

I will try to look for other articles and edit this post as I find them....the good thing is that I "WASN'T" making up this stuff....anyway....see ya later
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Wiefan...if you want golf statistics go to the proper place.....Fox Sorts is interested only in the big three...Football. Baseball and Basketball.

Golf Digest, February Edition.....page 107.....here is the lead in to the column of 50, on which Annika appears as #13, and MW as #15.

"ON-COURSE INCOME: includes all money earned on the PGA tour of Australasia, Sunshine Tour and Asian Tour(which are sanctioned by the International Federation of PGA Tours) as well as the Champions Tour, the LPGA tour, The Ladies European Tour and the Japan LPGA. The Golf Digest 50 includes unofficial money won thru December 4th, 2005.

OFF-COURSE INCOME: includes estimates of all money earned from endoresements, bonuses, tournement appearence fees, corporate outings, speaking engagements, licensing fees, (video games, trading cards,etc.) course architechure, books, instructional videos and businesses that capitolize on a person's status as a player, such a product lines, including clothing wine and turfgrass. Investment income (stocks and bonds) is not included".

The guy from Fox that wrote that story must have gone to the same school of journalism as the creep who got MW Dqed. I'm not finding fault with you, I finding fault with your source. Remember, Fox is in the business of SELLING news. The tours listed above are in the business of PROVIDING facts.

Not too many years ago there was a rash of reporters fired for plagerism......one from the New York Times, two from the Washington Post. And other newspapers across the country, as well. I still read the Times because it seems like they've jumped thru hoops to fix the problem....an editor (or two?) resigned and the reporter was canned forthwith. And the newspaper business clothed me, fed me. and educated me. My Dad was the editior of a major eastern daily in the days when there was no TV and every city had two or three (sometimes more) newspapers. ...............................Viva Annika
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Actually, Michelle's endorsement estimates at that time (October were for 8-10 million annually), but for the year were pro-rated for part of the year which put Annika ahead of Michelle in the list for 2005.
I'm nuts over Michelle Wie!
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