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Natalie the GREAT!!!

Ok...it's boring till the season starts....this is likely duplicate info as I think 97% look at lpga.com....ok..shoot me!
2013 Natalie Gulbis Golf Classic | Professional Golfers | Tour Schedule, Leaderboard & News | LPGA

Nats helped triple donations at the Boy & Girls event in Vegas.

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This positive news gets so little attention and we take for granted "routine" donations of tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands. Not enough is done to publicize the generosity of these events unless it's used for a tournament's own publicity in most cases.

Thanks 3putt!
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what's new with promoting your contact?
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Natalie is a credit to womans golf and all sports in the USA, thanks for posting 3putt.
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She helps all the others who have events too, (Kerr,Pressel, etc) but she also does her own things.

Some years she does more of these. She always has this one but sometimes does a few others.

It's been a goal of her's to open her own Boy's and Girl's Club and she did it. I am 100% sure she is happier about this than any photo shoot she has been invited to do.

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