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USGA on Tiger Dropgate

The USGA issued a statement yesterday about the Tiger Masters ruling:

Full Statement from USGA, R&A on Tiger Woods Ruling | Golf Channel

Not really much new, but I was glad to see this clarification:

"Moreover, contrary to what some have suggested, the decision of the Committee to waive the disqualification penalty for Woods was not and could not have been based on Decision 33-7/4.5, a 2011 Decision..."

IMO, a big part of the whole fiasco was that the Golf Channel "experts" and the CBS announcers kept telling us that the Masters committee had applied a "new rule". These "experts" apparently never bothered to check into the so-called "new rule".

The Masters committee simply waived the DQ under Rule 33-7 which has been around for 60 years. The reasoning for applying that rule was based on their interpretation of Rule 34-3 and Decision 34=3/1 which lets the committee impose or rescind a penalty to correct a previous incorrect committee ruling.
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Here is an article that came out yesterday about the Tiger ruling by Michael Bamberger (does that name ring a bell?)

Tiger Woods drop at Masters 2013 inside story - GOLF.com

He goes into quite a bit of detail about the "viewer" who called in, Champions Tour golfer David Eger who had a long career as a tournament director with both the PGA Tour and the USGA, and the events that followed.
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In other words, they squirmed out of their decision to let TW play on. BS then and BS now. The USGA and the R&A are circling around the issue using their typical convoluted language so that the average Joe will give up trying to understand the Rules, and just accept it.

I hope those who bleat and blather about "armchair yahoos" phoning in rulings will note this call was made by David Eger....well known former Rules official and PGA Tour administrator, and golfer.

But, it doesn't matter who it was. A breach of the Rules was observed by a spectator and the committee had an obligation to investigate it.
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Amidst the plenteous drivel spouted since this happened,one thing continues to gnaw away at me : I'm convinced had it been John Merrick,he'd have been on the next flight out of Georgia.*

*Unless,of course,he lives in Georgia.Then there wouldn't have been any reason for him to be leaving it*...

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I think that the clearly stated that this does not set a precedent and was an unusual set of circumstances that was not directly covered under any existing rule or precedent and that under the rules the committee had it in it's power to make the ruling as it did as based on the facts presented within the statement.

Like it or not, this is like a Supreme Court ruling.
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Originally Posted by xman5 View Post

Like it or not, this is like a Supreme Court ruling.
Does that mean it was a 5-4 decision?
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